New Training Goals

My favorite cousin invited me to a race. Who knew he was into fitness??

It’s Spartan or something. Says 5 miles with obstacles. I believe it is September 22. 

So that’s only a month, but it’s not like it’s flat-out running. I imagine 20 obstacles to break the running into quarter-mile sprints. Yet I’m unsure. I told him barefoot, but I’ll look into the toe shoes or something. And I need to see obstacle examples. But I already know it ranges from monkey bars to spider crawls and squirming under stuff. 

I can do a big push over three weeks and rest a week. I bet I could be okay. This may pair well with the fat loss challenge that a few guys from work are trying. That is a 20 dollar buy in, winner takes all, gamble. For me and my current fitness level it could be a challenge over the fat guy who may get motivated. But that’s a stretch. I could drop twenty pounds by Sep 21 if I try whilst getting strong. If I can maintain dedication. $80 towards the race and $20 to the 3 month long weight loss competition could payoff with a net gain over that 3 months. 

… my only concern over the WLC is the poor method of what should be a fat loss measurement by using a basic scale instead. This method doesn’t prove much success of incremental health gains as the dieter may lose muscle. I myself will likely grow muscle back to my standard levels while dropping mostly fat. I say that now because I’ve practiced my methods and honed them. 

It’s nearing 4:00 am. I have to set my alarms for noonish and take a nap. There is a total solar eclipse to view from Clemson SC in ten hours. 


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