Oh! Boy

I just noticed a sticky sensation tugging on my skin while scratching one foot with the other. Ahh yeah, that is the neem honey that was poured into my toenail cavity. 


Yeah, I know, right. The cavity that I created while digging out the strange substance created by toenail fungus on my right big-toe. It is easily dug out by a knife (or today by a set of calipers!! see picture). 

…I dug out the chalky white stuff in a few minutes time. In the past, I’ve packed it with sawdust, detox elixir, and benzonite clay. However, I have never managed to upkeep a treatment plan for more than a week due to my own A.D.D. problems and lack of sincere care of the issue. 

…Today, I bought some “neem honey” to eat at work with bread/toast. That’s a new fad after ditching the peanut butter & jelly routine. Afterwards, I spooned a bit into the cavity. Expecting the honey’s high level of antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties to suppress some of the *foreign invader. 

…Now, like I have planned to do for years, I should get some medical tape, gauze, and wrap a toe-cap with the honey. Tighten the tape a little to press the convex nail back to normal. Use the apple cider vinegar for soaking (that had always seemed to help). It would be interesting to heal this thing away. 

Oh yeah…the Oh! Boy

After publix denied me on offering the syrup. I quickly got over it. After all, the raw honey is plenty good enough. That horrible ingredient list on Oh! Boy has always haunted my conscience, but it really is the best syrup ever (taste-wise). I want to try some real maple syrup, cane syrup, and other raw types and mix up a concoction for myself. High Fructose Corn Syrup is of the Devil. And commercial table syrup itself is truly an abomination as well. 

I’m sure I can dig up some flavor of honey to add to the tree grease that will taste better than the very slight amount of cane syrup, mixed with commercial corn syrup that Oh! Boy offers. 

…and why don’t they seem to sell OB in Georgia anyhow?? 


*foreign invader may be a stretch, she’s lived with me for around five or six years. She saved my toe on one occasion, acting as a helmet for my toe. Slipped off the bike pedal onto asphalt, landing directly on that nail with flip-flops as my foot gear. A chunk the size of two chocolate chips was shattered from the rest of the whole. No pain, no injury, and until I could manage to neat it up, after some regrowth; it made one heck of a scratcher for the other foot. 

Sunday, 6/25/17

Dominion scores…6/4/17

I won game 1. 

Mom won game 2 (below).

score: 58 to 55

I was barely in the lead until the last card, where she overtook me. I thought I was twenty points ahead. 

Look at the stack of cards on the top side, that was how large are decks were. 

6/4/17 Sunday, 10:02pm

Dominion List

Dominion (500 cards / base set)

Dominion Intrigue (500 cards / base set)

Dominion Guilds & Cornucopia (300 cards / expansion)

Dominion Dark Ages (500 cards/ expansion)

Dominion Prosperity (300 cards / expansion)



The card box should be slap full with 2100 cards. I need a belt or two to carry. Like school kids when pictures were black and white. 

…just got the Dark Ages which is *out of print at a fair price from Jolly Goblin. And with 15% off. So I bought the prosperity to fill the box to max. 
*this is on amazon, ranging $80 – 120. Crazy huh. 

5/3/2017 Saturday, 4:20pm

Crazy…edited on Tuesday from [Little Black Girl]

She climbed the brake pedal and vanished into the inner dashboard within 2 minutes of receiving her. It must have taken a half hour of calling and tapping to get her out. She ended up falling from the brake pedal area and I grabbed her. 

I had removed all the lower dashboard panels. Those three were the only ones without bolts. I had Dad on the way with tools and he pulled up within thirty seconds after I got her out. 

I was soaked with sweat, which covered her in sweat. Had to cover the box with a towel. She meowed like crazy until I turned-on Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. With that, she calmed down (I like her already). 

Got home and turned the a/c on. I couldn’t stop sweating. I laid down with the cat in the “blue room” where she’ll use for home. Laid out some sheets on the bare concrete floor. We ended up napping two hours and awoke to a still hot house. Nearly 90 degrees. 

…I had recently shutdown all circuits for an issue and hadn’t turned them all back on. Apparently, the a/c is on 2 circuits! I had only the fan & thermostat on for the last two weeks and have not noticed the lack of cold. I finally resolved that matter. 

Then we took another nap and I left the house for a bit… then again, left for a while. Both times I returned, she was curled up in the blanket-nest where I left her. Sleeping. 

…she did eat half a can of wet can food last night, before I left. I watched her poop in the litter box. She’s certainly potty trained it seems and is relaxed enough. I feel comfortable leaving her home, inside. 

I left while she was scarfing down more wet food. 

…oh and to the folks I got her from and requested an update, who I’ll link this. The name Luna is cool, but I have always had cat names as such:

  • Momma Cat
  • The Slut
  • Cat
  • Daddy Cat
  • Little Buddy

And then there was booger & snot. They were out of phase with normal nomenclature. My cats are named for who they are. Cat, he was awesome, I hung out with him a ton. The Slut… take a wild guess. 

…this kitty will very likely stay as Little Black Girl or LittleGirl.  

5/29/17 Memorial Day, 12:50pm


Her name is leaning more towards Crazy. Cause that’s what she is. Runs around full tilt, playing with stuff constantly. But she may be relaxing all day for all I know. It may be pent-up energy. She’s actually calming down now after a half hour. 

…plus, I don’t even know if she’s black. With the brown stripes as kitten camo, she may swing a different color or even calico. And I’m not feeling the LittleGirl name. Crazy is more her, for now at least. 

Here’s a good action shot. 


Fix the Fix

I am supposed to be quitting tobacco this weekend. I am not excited about this. I am very anxious over the proposal, but I need to do this. 

I have the valium ready. This is a long weekend. But I want to do my normal activities and I know that isn’t possible while either quitting or while on downers. 

…So it is all or nothing. Quitting is a major step towards financial stability. Not even going into health benefits and the costs associated with continuation, the habit costs a crazy amount that is embarrassing to say. ~250 month wasting on that stuff is silly, but true. Along with the recent reduction of the cell bill by 40 and 70 by loss of Comcast, I will once again be back into the black with my monthly budget, instead of the estimated (avg) 200 month into the red

…it really is the game changer that I have been waiting to play. 

…i just really don’t look forward to playing this card. 

Breakdown of what this could mean: I could do any of these things with that 350 per month:

  • Wing Chun for 100/mo + my cohen gym membership (20) + 230/mo toward old bills to catch up proper amounts 
  • Golf club membership with a friend and get good at golf + 100/mo towards whatever 
  • 350/mo towards remodeling the house 
  • 350/mo towards catching up on bills and then beginning another emergency fund

I really want to do all these things, but I really doubt I’ll do the golf any time soon. And the non-fun stuff will certainly be mixed in there. And I really want to try the wing chun for a couple months to see if I can enjoy group training. I have always avoided group training, but martial arts have been calling my name pretty loudly for a few years and I need to quit ignoring the call. 

    ……….woooooooo it is late!!

    **may be near 210 or so, but I bet it really is near 250…I don’t track my finances. 

    5/24/2017 Wednesday (Tuesday night) 1:38am