Progress finally 

It has been several months since I’ve attempted real work towards this investment project. It is just so danged depressing to enter that house in the condition it has been under in the last two years. I didn’t even take a before picture since it was so God-awful and embarrassing. 

Hired 2 guys this weekend from craigslist. The 1st on Saturday did some weed wacking and helped me clean out trash & debri. The dang wacker kept stopping on him. I figure he wasn’t babying it enough in the dense ditch grass. 

…the 2nd guy was on yesterday (Sunday). He showed with drywall tools. I only needed to purchase a spade-bit to mix the mud. He told me he had plenty of experience, saying that was his main “career”, so I gave him ample space and let him do his thing. I even left the house three times for a half hour or so on each occasion. 

…In the meantime, I was cleaning cat crap, removing construction debri, and trashing things I don’t need. 

Here are the results:

Above: vanity side of main bathroom. 

This blue room had a bed in it. I ditched it, due to fleas, cat urine, and also lack of real need at the moment.

Master bedroom (green room – not shown). That window has been blocked by the green GSB that is now attached to studs in the bathroom for a year (?). 

Other side of main bathroom, above. I’m almost ready for a plumber!

The last full room of carpet was just removed (Saturday). I swept that after the photo. 

Feels good to have progress. I plan to get the one guy back out on Saturday (if possible) to continue the gypsum board installation. And then painting can commence. 

8/14/17, Monday, 10:00am

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