Cleanse Savannah Request for Assistance 

Hello and thank You for your interest!!!

The ultimate goal of Cleanse Savannah is to bring awareness and create a change in our area. Yoga, meditation, and cleansing are foundational elements at a personal level, though I want to see improvement in the lives around me.

I am calling out for assistance with many projects that I imagine. These projects are large and I lack many essential skills for proper implementation. The number one priority now is to gain crowdfunding and attention towards the projects.

To do this, I started a YouTube channel: Alchemic Healer. For outreach, in hopes to garnish support towards the other goals. Topics are various, but are all of spiritual nature. I am hoping anyone can assist in video editing, social networking, and the many tasks surrounding this process. I also am in need of camera, mics, and other equipment.

Beyond this initial step, I aim to gain crowdfunding through any of the dedicated sites. This aim is to build Permaculture Gardens at homes around Savannah, with a certified gardener, and a caretaker to host AirBnB rentals for ongoing support and outreach as a Permaculture Experience.

That sums up one of the projects, but there are certainly more in mind — and I am sure that YOU have an idea as well.

These projects may be planned as businesses for profit, as fully non-profit, or as hybrid deals. We could even potentially co-opt people’s backyards!

Please contact me if you have any kind of assistance or skill that you want to offer.

I also plan to organize more events, but I really have no idea what you people are willing to do or would like to do. I actually want to go give blankets to homeless and speak with them. I’d love to provide training and food. Even do a Meetup as “Drinks with Homeless” and give out the drinks they already plan to buy…talk with them… (I don’t even drink often). But I don’t know what y’all want to do! Please inform me. 

You may reach me at:

Also, you may reach me through the Cleanse Savannah group on Meetup or through its message center.

Also, please respond on this page.

I will definitely give out my phone number upon request as well.

Check out Alchemic Healer and please subscribe!!!

Thanks again,

Russell Parker

2:48pm, Friday, 1.5.2018