Dream Quest Victory!!

Haven’t played much lately, but I successfully ran the dungeon and got to the final boss again!

I wonder if it’s even possible to beat this game!

I also unlocked two bonuses. The bonus for getting the final boss down to 850 hp. And then to 750!! I’m not sure what he begins at but as comparison, the highest (from memory) of any other hp in the game is around 120 (health points). 

Here’s my screenshots:

The white room:

The deck of cards:

The 1st round:

I think it lasted only 5 – 7 rounds. He required an extra gift (a card) each round. 

The last round:


Epic rewards! I opened the Bard class and Heroic Talent (likely a 3rd tier talent). I’m uncertain. 

…I’m gonna play now, once or twice!!

This was on Wednesday at 2:12am

Haven’t written yet this week 

Because life gets stranger with each day. I wanted to write about my cat on Monday morning. Yet the claim is preposterous. I’ll save it for video. But it would be just as unbelievable as my claim for the night before last when I rolled-my-guts several times throughout the night. 

I’ll save that for video too. Which I have begun — taping videos. As much as I hesitated to buy a camera to begin the process, I finally decided to do it when Mom became hospitalized. Not that it is for anything really horrible: just a scare and a wake-up call. 

I’ve taped two videos. They’re around 45 minutes each (I think). The camcorder doesn’t seem to say and I haven’t had the audacity to pop-out the device yet while in the hospital. I really need to send videos to my editor and see his final result. You know, cap the front and backend with titles and links. Edit volume, etc. 

The camera seems to have worked well without a microphone. I’ve discovered a few things about cameras, barely. I need a powered mic. Perhaps a lapel. The mic with no battery failed to work. 

On Monday, I purchased a GoPro. Bought the newest model (6?). That was from the recommendation of some random teenage Best Buy employee. But the damned thing would not charge beyond 4% for three days of trying. I bought different power supplies or chargers, yet nothing worked. 

I finally went back and traded for the camera that I actually wanted, but was hesitant to initially buy. Canon Vixia HF R80. I also have a plastic tripod. This is a bit cheaper, has zoom, 1080 resolution, but no virtually useless slo-mo, 4k. I’ll take it. It’s plenty nice to begin. 

Another hesitation in regards to all this is with transparency and action. This one detail is what scares me a bit, but not enough to matter. I’ve kept my name hidden throughout this blog. I’ve, until recently, kept my face out of sight. Yet now, with voice as well, am about to come out and put it all on the line in the “public” eye. 

I explain, briefly in my intro video how I never wanted to be on camera. I really don’t even like cameras. Nor do I like the idea of becoming any type of speaker, but I have to get passed that now. It’s not too late — videos have not been uploaded yet. 

Looking at the other YouTube folks. All the nutbags like myself, the believers of whatever, the ones who feel led to act now… I look at their handles, where a few use their actual name while the majority has a show or stage name. And I cannot think of trendy, useful names to suit mine. I’m gonna roll with my name — hell, I want to be contacted. I don’t want to be difficult to find. 

For you few folks that read this, I will link when I actually do upload to YouTube. But as yet another warning to friends and family: it is not what you expect; this is all information that could easily garnish concern by your fellow church members. But it is all great stuff. I’m going to be talking on topics that run the gambit of all things spiritual. From self-healing, breathe, energy, magic, numerology . . . There really is too much to list . . . To healing others. 

Check it out when I do. If you will. 

Planning to break out the dowsing rods today for an example of energy manipulation!!

8:06am, Saturday, January 20, 2018

In the car

Or truck, I keep remembering to write things. Or in the bathtub, I recall lots to talk about. Yet these two places aren’t exactly phone friendly. 

Yesterday, I was at a red light. Typing to a friend and waiting for green. Next thing you know I looked up and I was two hundred yards beyond the light & wondering how I did not get into a wreck. I had been driving without realizing. Heck, I was typing away and my body was on auto-pilot. I’ve done this so many times I cannot count anymore. But I’m also not in that text-stupor that causes accidents. Sometimes I go around curves or stop along with flow. I’m just protected! 

I would not suggest this. When it does not seem important, and the action is deliberate, I actually have problems with steering like every other fool. I must be within the zone of importance for the perfect driving to remain on auto-pilot. Strange as that sounds.

I keep thinking of how I spent weeks in that red car with no heater. Especially on days of snow. It’s been super cold for a southern state and I had no heater. After the repo, the weather had changed to warm. And now I’m stuck in a truck where only the heater works  — and it is also stuck on heat. You cannot turn-off the heater that always blows hotly. I’m in stoic mode whether I like it or not!

I aim to gain a van today. I believe my tenants’ old van will suffice. This will add another layer to our woven web of interdependence. Somehow I’ve been stuck with them. I say stuck but I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. 

…I digress for now. I will go see how it looks. 

9:59am, Saturday, 1.13.2018

Obsessive Behavior 

I know I’ve said to this affect before, yet I don’t think I know any other style of living. Obsessive behavior. 

Obsession brings me manic times where I binge on activities until I need a break. I don’t mean “want a break”. Need is definitely appropriate, because typically I didn’t really choose my obsession. I become obsessed by any old problem that needs a solution. 

As in with welding. The idea was introduced for pure financial gains. A cousin touted the likely wages to my dad and then I was introduced by him. I was in need of a new obsession as my obsession with World of Warcraft had been nearing its end. Quickly, I became engrossed within that environment. Spending six to twelve hours of (Monday through Thursday) every day I was allowed to attend.

I learned a lot, had fun, became somewhat social, and brought me near drafting. Then Drafting took over… out of need that, I believed the classes would help with a management position. Because I would know better of reading schematics or blueprints. 

But then I became very obsessive — spending the same time as welding, except at the twelve hour range every day. Also, I became an avid sketcher of ideas at home. Reading about it, dreaming, and researching. I taught everyone in the class and found a great niche. 

Definitely more between these examples, yet not at the …. oh jeez I’m bout to pass out on my phone’s keyboard. I’m off to sleep!!!

1.12.18, Friday, 12.03am (midnight-ish)

1st Video Delayed

I know I said I’d do my first video on 1.11.18, but I didn’t create it. Life has gotten in the way and too many challenges delay this. 

However, I am totally fine with the decision because I had already let go of the perfectionism aspect. In that it doesn’t have to be perfect like I prefer. Or rather as I have delayed much of my life while waiting on best. I let go of the concerns and feel more ready to begin. Ive had a week to stress over the fact that I cannot manage to find a camera, setting, and time to create. Even that the new friends which I’ve made barely have time in their schedules, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to help. I can see their intentions and know if they actually mean what they say. There really just isn’t time in this busy career and money driven world. 

I’m aiming for Sunday now. Unless I manage to find a suitable deal, the aim is to use a basic iPhone camera to create an introduction video. Yet, I must begin soon. Procrastination must end — that almost caused me to use my selfie camera. 

Though quality still matters. I’d like to not have my editor needing to rush and I’d like to set a nice into-screen for titles, etc. and the exit screen for a more professional look. 

The editor I found appears to do great work. Keeping busy in several overlapping fields. He also may get me into a tattoo commercial — not sure if that means I’d get a real tattoo — nor of the design. I do have a design that I want tattood. The design is really basic. Have no real explanation of the prospect yet, except that it would/will be all day long — and paid! That sounds nice for a Sunday. 

Anyway, I’m bout to soak in Epsom for a bit. Two days work at a new job doing assembly work has gotten me dore as a dog!!

9:17pm, Thursday, 1.11.18