Blood pressure good?

From 9/4/17, the Monday after being laid-off. 

Here is my results, from the machine at Walmart, once again:

…I thought blood work was supposed to be awful for a person with such a crazy diet…

…ahh joking aside, I’d love to get actual bloodwork done before, during, & after a Honeybun Mountain. Just to see actual spikes, if any, and get it on paper to show the doubters and hecklers…

Here is a table from

…next two pictures:

…as a roadside update, it is beautiful in Arkansas…4:39pm on 9/9/2017

Indescribable Sensation 

Must be like the third or fourth time ever. It’s the strangest bad sensation without actual pain. The first time, I sat in my desk chair at school and rotated a bit. The knee contorted with a non-audible pop. A lingering eerie sensation is the most memorable effect. 

…I’m scared it’ll happen again, but it happened (today) after a twisted leg bounced off the ground on my last judo-roll. As if I did more after!! I feel funny five hours later, sitting Indian style in my truck.  

…the judo rolls were pretty fun. I watched a YouTube video and had to try it :)

I am now here:

…in a Walmart parking lot amongst the big rigs and RVs. Parked facing the trees with the lot lights to my rear. 

9/9/2017 11:50pm

Remember this hack job?

I need another. 

And I’m curious about wax thread & leather. Just may go to Joane’s, the sewing store, to see about options. Options for home-made footwear. It should be fairly simple to fashion a pair of moccasins to run with. I thought about it when I put a welding glove on my foot yesterday. No need for the 5-fingers nonsense, though it is somewhat appealing. 

Have wondered over t-shirts duct taped snug to the foot/ankle, but leather sounds even better. 

And what better to do than work through a problem on my day off??!!


…especially after two promising interactions with contractors this morning…

Stormy Night 

The weather was beautiful an hour ago. A bolt of lightning just struck and it was of such loudness that I had to check my hearing afterwards. Pulled over into the driveway of a business, I will wait a bit to get off the road-full-of-idiots. 

…game night Thursday was a failure tonight. Not a single soul showed so I left after forty five minutes and wound up in this condition. Though after ten minutes of monsoon, the sky is already clearing. The clouds are dispersing and floating away. 

…I wonder if I finished my thoughts on what I want from a vehicle. It was just a day or so ago; it is likely in draft stage. 

…I listen to podcasts that are in conversation format. The ones that offer stories of their lives, philosophy and lifestyle, and all the topics that typical interviewers won’t ask. It beats the pants off of the talk radio I used to listen to. Not just due to an easier way to skip commercials, but for the fact that that old method of show-writing where there are two minute clips and nothing but the “cliff notes” version of topics has never held my attention. I can’t hear the story in a finality version–I’d like to hear how and why the story took place. What drove you to that moment and why did you even want to do that? All that is missing in the mainstream stories and it is a shame. 

…back on the road—-I’m starving over here and want to eat. That 72 cent CarrotGold with Turmeric (woooo got 5$ off!!) was a great vitamin and filler, but now again, three hours later… starved. I’m at like 400 calories and it’s 7:30pm. 

August 31, 2017

3 (or 5?) mile round trip on foot

Run/walk to Kroger from house for cat food, a patch for the shorts I’m wearing, and a snack/drink. 

(flip-flops &/or barefoot)

…starting now !! (5:46pm Wednesday)

Break to stetch, rest, and deep breathing on the grass on frontage drive. 

That was great. I stopped for a long break on somebody’s yard — out by the road with trees between us. The traffic was raging with slowed cars on one side and hurried drivers on the side near me. Up on the hill, they could all watch while idling. Meditated a bit while ignoring the itching that turned out to be swollen bites. 

Grrrr….which do I use or which is more accurate??!!??

…apple map tells me it is 1.5 miles (google map says 1.8 miles) to Kroger, but then after my round trip, the phone says 4.9 miles. 

…repercussions to last week’s 25 miles could be reduced to 15 if my phone is off by 40%. 

The segment of 4.9 miles is broken into about 70 of these little chunks:

…so by taking into account that these chunks have a precision of 0.01 (one hundredth) of a mile [5280 x 0.01 = 52.8 feet]. 

…each chunk may be off as much as 50 feet. If these chunks are rounded upward, as expected, the results could be 70 x 50 = 3,500 feet (about 0.6 miles).

…But this doesn’t explain a 2 mile difference. So whatever. That’s part of the reason I don’t trust all these devices. And 3 miles sounds great anyway, especially since there were many barefoot sprints in there. I do want to check the odometer on the truck. I’m starving anyway. Think I’ll ride that way. 

8/30/2017 7:46pm

A Savage Break

The picture embodies the essence of the break: total gluttony available, if wanted. 

Yet there were no Honey Bun Mountains tonight. No pancakes, waffles, or anything much except that chocolate muffin at the coffee shop, just a few larabars, milk, and a minuscule shard of valium. I barely have eaten my calories for the day — though I am satiated. The valium may not even be large enough to affect me — around 1/6th of a yellow. I want to counteract that carafe of french-press Ethiopian coffee that had jacked me sky high. 

I’m skipping work day with hired help tomorrow as my short week does not support the funds. I hope to make it to Forsyth for sprints & juice in the early day. Then whatever else. 

I don’t want a break longer than the one day to start. I have to make certain I kick my full system into work mode. The time in which the body realizes, “this guy has to do this crap every day now, really?? Well now, we better beef up to handle the new demands!” This statement is coming out already, the signs are there with muscles growing with obvious changes. Sleeves are quickly tightening around my biceps and my bird-chest is even thickening. 

…beyond all that, muscles all throughout my lower body are mildly sore. Even the tops of my feet have muscle soreness due to barefoot running and sprinting. The outer buttocks is the sorest, likely from the weighted lunges. 

…ate pinto beans (Bojangles) for lunch and aimed to seize my cravings for onions at Dickies with Tanglers but the line was too long. I really need to go get a double shot of wheatgrass, then carrot juice with turmeric, then a beet/carrot juice; then follow-up with dinner of sauted onions and beef. THIS is my main objective for tomorrow; spreading the juices out over the afternoon, interspersed with training. 

…also, do my breathing exercises. I may join the cheap gym for deadlifts and the sauna–the sauna alone is worth the twenty bucks. 

Enough goal, plans rambling. Hopefully it will occur, but if not — here is my plan of a great and productive day. 




Jeeze it’s only 4 months till Christmas already. 

Quick Results 

Starting on the eclipse day, my training has ramped to extremes. I’m feeling great with running, unlike times in the past and I attribute this mostly to barefoot running. It has taken months of extra walking barefoot and increasing my threshold for pain and sensitivity. The ankles still feel worrisome at times, though barely. The ankles are just an old fear from having sprained both several times. But over the last several years, I’ve gained much flexibility and greatly increased my balance — decreasing the odds of dislocation. 

Jeeze I rambled there. 

I’ve covered 18 miles — mostly barefoot. During the remainder, I had only flip-flops. 80% has been on rocky, dirt paths with nearly 5% on asphalt. Otherwise in woodlands or grass.

Today was stellar, I am beginning to sprint an eighth mile stretch (give or take a couple hundred feet) at full tilt on grass or dirt. Asphalt, concrete, and rocks are challenging yet necessary within the training regime. I’ve yet to be cut though I’ve stepped on many sharp objects; it is amazing how dexterous the foot behaves. 

Monkey bars were possible but difficult; I did a single pass and stretched a moment on the parallel bars. The two chin-ups at lunch break should be enough to stimulate the back muscles into production. It is always fun seeing and feeling the new blood in your limbs, I can feel a dramatic difference within four days of activity whereby muscles are gaining hardness by each day. Also fun to see new patterns of muscle emerge from recently soft tissues. It’s always different, especially if your training regimen is different than the previous. 


Wooooo it’s 12:30am