Fit as a Fiddle 

As a child, a person is normally more fit than they will ever be. With flexibility ruling their joints, a bounce to the bones, and ignorant faith of ability, a child will attempt anything thought possible. 

Normally if hurt and with proper guidance and support, the child can heal rapidly from any injuries and rarely become broken for acute injury. No time has built issues from poor diet or mismanagement of physical ability. Play and curiosity is their whole world and lends towards freedom from stresses. They haven’t the buildup of toxic gunk in the body from misuse. They are practically in perfect health and love to spin in circles, cartwheels, and chase. 

All of these things are typically lost from adults and rarely do those search for a way back. My goal, or at least one of my physical goals is to re-achieve that ability. The ability to do cartwheels and spin like a ballerina. To sprint across the yard for fun in chase games. To bring my body back to that bouncy strength and keep pace with the children around me. 

Today, that goal is in sight as I feel a surge of power and know how it came. I know what to do. I can see the path to get there and unlike the driving force that is required to earn a degree, persue a career, or become wealthy, the only drive I need is the motivation to have fun!

…all the tips and tricks have not been learnt, though the essential elements have surfaced. With further experimentation, success will be reached. The success of youth restored. Of disease an illness as a memory or a case of sorrow for those around me that care not of the advice. 

I cannot expect friends or family to listen. You are the last to ever listen because you have always known me and believe your own version of my truth, because you think I’m nuts and blessed with great genes (or cursed by mental illness). Even Jesus didn’t work many miracles in his home town — they couldn’t imagine what he was. If even a character as such is not revered at home, then I have no chance of promoting equal wellness of my home. Only of I. 

Not to get into a mood of sorrow — only to show the point. My message is taken by acquaintances with quickness while my friends shake their heads in silent laughter. To that point — I shake my head in return, silently praying they come to terms with this world’s knowledge. I have FREED MYSELF from the burden of care. Not that “I don’t care, cause I do”, but the burden to change those around me is not within my psyche (anymore). I have released it recently and I will stop pushing for those changes when I explain. You very likely will never admit that I am correct while remaining ignorant of Truth. 

I AM EXCITED THAT I CAN DO A HEADSTAND. That I can roll and flip over grass. Walk barefooted across roots and asphalt. Balance on one leg. Spin without puking. Cross my eyes and laugh. Perform backbends and crabwalk (not quite yet). I AM EXCITED TO BE EXCITED.

I’m thankful for each day and the problems to surface even when the problems aren’t wanted. I do want problems to solve and aim for those problems to not be my own. I want my problems to surface so that I may quickly extinguish them and so I can go solve others’ problems and have that fun. 

I’m thankful of my abilities and the drive to gain more. My talents waste away when out of use, though the connections created will remain for a lifetime while others build. Wisdom is a goal, to the effect of which I feel dumbfounded to realize my ultimate course of mastership, if any. 

Just a lone wanderer with ability to jump into any situation to assist in scrambling the pieces until a pattern emerges and the work begins anew. With new direction, the solution emerges and while they turn to ask for help in the building, I am free to find another problem to puzzle and ponder. 

…how did i change topics?? It always happens!!!!!!!!

morning bath time (errr post noon bath)

Sunday, 12:26pm, 12.10.17


Not like I’m actually trying, but I’m down below what I weighed when I was in high school. 

I’m down to 193 pounds as of yesterday and holding until today. Woopitidy doo kinda but it’s neat. Especially in how it occurred. 

I had been holding at 199 for a couple weeks. I fasted a couple few days in there, eating sparsely or fairly at times, even gluttonous at times. And then during last week, my water fast lasted three days (72 hrs). 

Yet during the fasting, my weight held at 199 (plus or minus six pounds due to hydration/urination levels). 

Then the following two days, I ate moderately as I had during Thanksgiving week. The weight held on day 1, but then dropped on day 2 and now on day 3 stays at 193. 

So, in other words: my weight only dropped after the fast ended AND only after eating several times. This is quite interesting to me. 

The light weight is great because I feel fitter and stronger than before. And my waste is very likely down nearly another pant size. 

*I may go try on size 32 pants today for an experiment and some vain fun. 

3:51pm, Monday, 12.4.17

Deadlifts on 11.29.17

Little update for my journal. 

Deadlifts on yesterday at the Cohen gym. 

I was kicked out for no shoes, though I have been going barefoot there for almost a decade. Yet I sporadically attend and have no grounds for defense on my 1st night back. 

I gained my refund and made my way out. 

Here is my update on the meetup site for memory’s sake:

Here is the last deadlifts session near 3/22/17 for reference:

My traps are sore today. I should regain a deadlift routine!!

Blood pressure good?

From 9/4/17, the Monday after being laid-off. 

Here is my results, from the machine at Walmart, once again:

…I thought blood work was supposed to be awful for a person with such a crazy diet…

…ahh joking aside, I’d love to get actual bloodwork done before, during, & after a Honeybun Mountain. Just to see actual spikes, if any, and get it on paper to show the doubters and hecklers…

Here is a table from

…next two pictures:

…as a roadside update, it is beautiful in Arkansas…4:39pm on 9/9/2017

Indescribable Sensation 

Must be like the third or fourth time ever. It’s the strangest bad sensation without actual pain. The first time, I sat in my desk chair at school and rotated a bit. The knee contorted with a non-audible pop. A lingering eerie sensation is the most memorable effect. 

…I’m scared it’ll happen again, but it happened (today) after a twisted leg bounced off the ground on my last judo-roll. As if I did more after!! I feel funny five hours later, sitting Indian style in my truck.  

…the judo rolls were pretty fun. I watched a YouTube video and had to try it :)

I am now here:

…in a Walmart parking lot amongst the big rigs and RVs. Parked facing the trees with the lot lights to my rear. 

9/9/2017 11:50pm

Remember this hack job?

I need another. 

And I’m curious about wax thread & leather. Just may go to Joane’s, the sewing store, to see about options. Options for home-made footwear. It should be fairly simple to fashion a pair of moccasins to run with. I thought about it when I put a welding glove on my foot yesterday. No need for the 5-fingers nonsense, though it is somewhat appealing. 

Have wondered over t-shirts duct taped snug to the foot/ankle, but leather sounds even better. 

And what better to do than work through a problem on my day off??!!


…especially after two promising interactions with contractors this morning…

Stormy Night 

The weather was beautiful an hour ago. A bolt of lightning just struck and it was of such loudness that I had to check my hearing afterwards. Pulled over into the driveway of a business, I will wait a bit to get off the road-full-of-idiots. 

…game night Thursday was a failure tonight. Not a single soul showed so I left after forty five minutes and wound up in this condition. Though after ten minutes of monsoon, the sky is already clearing. The clouds are dispersing and floating away. 

…I wonder if I finished my thoughts on what I want from a vehicle. It was just a day or so ago; it is likely in draft stage. 

…I listen to podcasts that are in conversation format. The ones that offer stories of their lives, philosophy and lifestyle, and all the topics that typical interviewers won’t ask. It beats the pants off of the talk radio I used to listen to. Not just due to an easier way to skip commercials, but for the fact that that old method of show-writing where there are two minute clips and nothing but the “cliff notes” version of topics has never held my attention. I can’t hear the story in a finality version–I’d like to hear how and why the story took place. What drove you to that moment and why did you even want to do that? All that is missing in the mainstream stories and it is a shame. 

…back on the road—-I’m starving over here and want to eat. That 72 cent CarrotGold with Turmeric (woooo got 5$ off!!) was a great vitamin and filler, but now again, three hours later… starved. I’m at like 400 calories and it’s 7:30pm. 

August 31, 2017