Bored at work 

For a few weeks, I have been bored of my work duties. I toy with my ideas for most of the day while biding my time. It’s not as if there isn’t plenty of work to get finished or started.

There are several roots to this situation. The morale (here) is low, due to folks leaving for new jobs. That’s no big deal except for the top 3 reasons for leaving are:

  1. Low pay
  2. Underpaid by industry standards 
  3. The unending promises for pay increase while never receiving any

Other reasons include:

  1. Management not respecting the employees
  2. Conflicts of interest within the management structure create integrity problems 
  3. Total loss of respect of your managers that has been stripped away, slowly, over time

Right now, I have an excel sheet open to detail the plans for my game. The engineering room is talking about weekend possibilities. I have Pink Floyd on the speaker. CATIA is open — just for looks. And I’m just waiting for the clock tell me it’s time to go. 

I have no hopes remaining for this company. The place is allegedly growing like wildfire, but the air feels stagnant. I don’t know anyone who is excited about their position in this facility, excluding the owner. 

For most of you, there isn’t anything new in that statement. “Yes, I hate my job and I’ve been bored since week three”. But you’ve been there for eight years… how do you do that? “It’s a job”. It drives me absolute nuts to be doing something that bores me. 

I’m stuck at the employer who refuses me OT, even though I’d love to pour my time into a worthy cause. I need to find that employer. One that lets me slip into a flow and burn down twelve hour chunks of daylight per session. Let me solve your problem and give me the leeway to do so. A place where the next task is not a near-replica of the last project.

I need a challenge, but not the challenge to keep my sanity. 

4/16/2017 Friday 

Engineering Class

What is wrong with me, it’s 1:13 in the am and I am not really tired. Listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast with Michael Malice. Had played a few games with a group tonight. Then bought an expansion for Dominion. 

I’m looking forward to the test-run with mom on Saturday if it doesn’t get played in tomorrow’s group. 

This card suits me well:

I love that chance card, especially if you can keep a high ratio of a single card to increase your odds. Plus there’s always an action to play the card you saw — even if it isn’t free. 

I knew it was a bad idea to drink two coffee drinks at the event; but it sure boosts my attention for the gaming — since I don’t take caffeine often. 

I’ve been thinking that I may begin a blog section with entries that may eventually get a laugh out of my work mates. As suggestion from them, sort of, they joke of documenting our conversations. As others in the past have said also. But we’ve never done so. 

… at work, open-air conversations about whatever, pretty much for half of almost every day. Some interesting topics pop up, heated arguments, and the like. 

I try to open their eyes to ideas and question their reasoning, while they attempt to correct my views and force “facts” in my face. 

…so it is a challenge on both sides. Each side remains unchanged, often. 


Anyway, so I learned how to remove a glove with much less effort than normal. I now can remove a welding glove in a mostly relaxed manner instead of ripping it forcefully across my knuckles. 

…funny thing is, I had no clue that gloves actually could be put on/off with such small effort. And now it is becoming difficult to not remove them easily. 

One day, well several days, we’ve had geography discussions which led to quizzes of the globe and of the USA. Sadly, I am horrid at geography (this is due the fact that I don’t care about geography) and named barely a quarter of states. But it was interesting and fun. 

If there’s a query in the room for an odd topic, there’s likely someone interested in the answer and a google-search is underway. It is funny lots of times and often spawned by myself. I have learned tons of stuff in that room. Not all useful, surely, but entertaining at least. 

…I should track some of this. Today, we experimented (for me) after they witnessed me attempting the iPhone with headphones. I thought I was maybe using proper technique, but I never really know how far to hold the phone from mouth using the earbuds. So i was 2 inches from it. They said I probably sounded like I was yelling. Anyhow, we tested it in the office. Maybe they are correct, but I didn’t get to do the hearing part on my side. 

…ugh, quarter till two. I guess the ten hour nap last night will help my sleep deprivation this night for this day. 

…5/26/17 1:50pm

Work Fun

At my expense. 

Someone has stolen my shoes!!

Pretty sure I know who, but I have no evidence. And I really don’t feel like picking around while being watched. They want to see that. 

I am amused, though annoyed, but still it’s really funny. 

One shoe was gone… so I started talking about it to the guys across from me about the shoe. And then I look down to show AND that shoe is gone!! 


Now that was very sneaky. Taken from under me. 

Then a few minutes later, in strolls another engineer and behind me is one of my shoes on a bookcase. 

So who was it? 

…the standard jokester loves that this is going on whether he began it or someone else did. But was it actually him or the engineer who strolls?

One shoe is still missing. 2 engineers went to lunch. I wanted to wait til others left to look around the room. 


11:50am, Wednesday, 5/24/17

At-Work Motivation Lagging 

The environment of the workplace starts to make you not give a #*%@ after a while when everyone else around you doesn’t care. I know the attitude is contagious, but it doesn’t seem to be following a direct line around the building. In other words, the cause isn’t from a single host; the infection originally birthed itself in several areas at once. Now, suddenly, it is apparent that practically everyone is upset. 

After one guy quit, another, and now we wait to see if anyone else will get the courage to leave. 

I’ve never experienced a company’s atmosphere that I can feel comfortable within, so it bothers me that I feel stuck. I am the shifty one looking to leave, not everyone else. I can’t seem to find another job within my certain criteria and so it is with a couple others. But during the while of hoping to get out from the partially self created prison, we become miserable. At least this place is casual enough to joke around. Yet I’ve personally spoken with 70% of the workers and every single one is dissatisfied with similar situations. 

End of week is here and I’m excited to not be back tomorrow. Depressing. 

Was talking yesterday about this topic. I said that I’ve never kept a job beyond a month’s unappeal. Two months at most. Part of the reason I’ve had around thirty jobs is this fact. 

…How does a person become complacent about where and how they spend large chunks of their life?

…I can’t imagine. 

I like single person tasks like assembly, welding, design, and cable contracting. I can stave off unappealing people because I work alone. Unless you are my boss, go away – if I don’t need you. But in the office, politics and the need to fit-in becomes obvious since you are within the same airspace for hours on end. I can’t just hide away from your nonsense. 

3_24_2017 Friday, 4:44pm

Weld distortion query 

A little project for me at the moment is for a little fun. I have two tips from the 3D printer. The diameter of the tubes are 0.1050″. I want a smooth profile of the tubes – welded as a butt joint.

*Not as shown in pictures. 

…I want an axle to use for lego vehicle. Basically. 

I am consulting my welder to give advice. Going to print a tiny fixture that we can clamp into.

Welder comment:

“I know when I was a pipe welder the fitters would always tack things together UN square then the welders would always have a place to end there welding passes which would finish being straight. Tacking a piece of file straight usually causes the welder to fight to keep it straight, now if its already not straight you can focus all ur heat to the one spot in the direction you want it to draw to. And then it will end straight. Same thing as the nordam fixtures that pre- bow the tube before you weld it to be straight after you weld it.”

3_17_2017 Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, 10:03am