Ahh that Clemson setting was grand.  I chanced upon two sweet fairies and chased their scent until an hour past the eclipse. Never did I find them again and it makes me regret the addition to my collection though the results of the day without were great. I traveled eight short miles through forest, up and down hills. All with desperate hope that had to be pushed aside.  The plot was massive and I learned all the paths without a map. I found several shortcuts and used old trails, attempting to enter another magical moment with a beautiful creature. 

Now I shiver in this tent of metal, plastic and rubber after dreaming once again of the day that preceded today and it excites me to realize that I’m sleeping high above the elevation of my home. I get the chance to wonder around the mountain tops and push my limits further. I get to find another cold river bed to lie in and soak away my pains. 


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