I am a hypnotist 

I hypnotized my friend while healing his wrists and knees from long time pain. 

He was stuck in trance for three hours. 

I put him back in a state and carefully drew him out. He should be fine in the morning. 


It’s 11:11 now, I wish for this moment that he will be fine. 

This was an extremely interesting night to say the least!!!

I plan to speak to someone tomorrow that should be able to help if not. 

But how insane is this fact to know that I can hypnotize people. 

Kinda scary, tonight was, kinda freaked out when he stayed in trance. I did the “dwadle” technique and then used a white rock from Colorado as the focus for the eye manipulation. 

Enough for now, here’s the rock:

11:17pm, Wednesday night, 12.13.17

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