Eggnog Hangover 

Starting this day with slurry in my bowels of coagulated eggnog and sugar cookies and I realize how much I would have rather skipped the eggnog experience. 

It was tasty, and I really would like to do that again, if only as a test of sorts. As I’ve said before, I would like to be in a fasting state and drink/eat foods to quickly return to a full state. This would be accompanied by testing of blood chemicals, nutrition, pressure, pulse, etc (before and after) during the session. 

…to determine detriment or non detrimental reality within the body of a healthful person, such as my self. 

Though these two comments already nix each other. Since I realize how poor I feel now; though the food instead could be in the order of honey, dark chocolate, juice, etc. That of which isn’t chock full of indigestible food products such as lactose. However, a few enzymes pills would conteract most of the bloat, anyhow. 

The hangover is purely the mud I feel in the bowels — not alcohol. Haven’t been drunk in quite some time!

11:41am, Monday, December 18, 2017

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