Blueskies on the Horizon 

Here is my quick story, though feel free to look beyond this page and you may notice that I’ve been going through the dark night of the soul. It has not been easy, but has been fun at times. I’ve discovered more about myself and the world around me in ways that not many people I know seem to have done. 

It all started by hearing of the Great American Eclipse and deciding to go. It would be my first requested time-off in two years as a tooling engineer for aerospace. I expected little. The eclipse was practically a let down, yet the trip was great. The experience, wonderful. 

I returned with no change in mindset. 

Within a week, I was laid-off. In the first moment, there was anger — the next moment, I stopped the anger and said thank you. Now help me through this time. 

I’m not religious. Though my family is. I was as a child. I was babtized by water in a Christian church. Yet I never felt changed. I never got “better” and I had problems. 

Around seven years ago, I asked to be led out of my bad spirit and to grow into a more spiritual man, but I didn’t know (then) what I actually meant. I had no clue. 

At this time, it has been around three months since I woke up. During that time, I’ve made 5 trips to the mountains. Two of those trips were to Colorado. During the first CO trip, I began fasting and meditating without knowingly doing so. 

On the second trip to CO, a month later, I only lasted three days due to my unemployment checks having stopped — abruptly. Yet I had water fasted three days, while meditating. I gained an experience that was the closest thing to bliss than ever experiencing. Even beyond the sensation that LSD had created in my past. I stayed in that mode for three hours, where everything was bright and fascinating. 

Since then, I’ve been back in Savannah, GA. I have watched what seems like thousands of hours of YouTube videos and read plenty articles. I decided to start a Meetup group because I needed to find like-minded people. But then I discovered many more groups to join and learn about energy manipulation, Reiki, and Shamanism. 

Though, I have not managed to attend many due to loss of income. I’ve learned the first steps of Access Bars; received twice and gave once. I also have a dear friend who is going through a crisis whom I’ve been giving counseling. I accidentally hypnotized a friend. I’ve toyed with dousing rods and discovered my energy field through them. I’m excited to learn more!

Next steps for me are to begin a YouTube channel to speak about all the things I’ve discovered, but mainly to gain support for crowdfunding the big projects surrounding permaculture, real estate, healing, and engineering projects. Here is a link

Now, getting to the topic at hand. The Munay-ki Initiation is another avenue to expand this experience and gain better insight into shamanic practice. Though I am uncertain if I actually can arrange for travel (and a day off work from my new job that I start tomorrow). I can always wait till next time or another event. This one may not be for me, though I want to attend. 

I have been following my gut. My intuition does not steer me wrong when I listen, but I do not get much advance. I have to stay free as possible so I can move with the urge. I definitely appreciate your offer, but I cannot commit due to my circumstances — until nearer the event. At only a week out, with no vehicle, no cash, and my new job, I’m very uncertain if I could pull-off a trip to West Virginia. 

Though, I will definitely try. As far as your request to exchange energy or a payment plan. I’m game, though you need to give me an offer. Because I’m not sure what you expect. I will be doing big things soon and expect I could repay, yet as of this moment, I don’t want to take advantage or have you feel obligated in any way. 

Let me know what you think and I will let you know how my situation changes over the next few days. I honestly don’t know what to expect as magical as life has become. 

Thank you Blueskies and have a great day. 

4:27pm, Monday, 1.8.2018

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