Reminder: Look at chains, rock/sand etc for ruck walk

I did look. Rocks are way cheaper, but more tricky to use. The marble rocks seem the densest; that bag is 20% less cubic feet for the same approximate weight (50 lbs). At $4 per 50 pounds, I can get all I need for two people for a mere 25 bucks. 150 lbs is more than plenty for activities. 

Chains can be wrapped over the shoulder, whereas rocks need heavy duty bags and straps.

That low weight chain is $4 per pound. Hopefully larger, thicker, heavy chains can be found at a better price per pound. (Not even sure the going price for metal – that’d be an indicator. 

…and then there’s concrete, that can be formed into weights that can be sewn into a vest (rocks too – but not as smooth)…

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