recap 7/20/17

This week went fast finally. Work has been hopping and I have plenty to do. ‘Bout time. Today was board game night. Played some game with a new couple. There was a kid dropped off by his mom; he was 14ish, dunno, he won the new game. 

…then a regular showed. He had a brand new game (pictured), everyone else had to go, so the two of us played. It was cool — I got wooped on both games. Yet I rarely win the first play through–so I don’t care. I very well may be the victor next time — now that I have a scope of its world. 

…and now I just read for a couple late hours about kickstarter projects. Eh, it don’t sound super easy, but it never did. I’d just worry about the preKS campaign to round up support. 

….wheeeww 1:25; need to drop the obsession for some sleep and hopefully tomorrow will (work) slam by with 7 hours of frantic, relaxing CATIA. Under the pressure of need and without the ‘breathing downbthe neck’ from bosses. All will be well. But jeeze I’m sleepy; and hungry; I’ve eaten only one Larabar (an hour ago) and a coffee-monster and 2 bad ice coffees at work. ~500 calories for whom requires ~2400/day. I started to actually feel hungry around 10:20pm. 

….I ate last on midnight, last night.


Chicken or Eggs?

I’ve been catching myself talking on the subject that I just wrote about. Not like it is bad, it just feels more like rote memorization. Like when an event happens and a story emerges, but then it becomes more embellished each time it is told. Suddenly, a story may become a legendary happening. I know this occurs due to our flawed perception; just look at the scene of a crime, where several people have differing plots — details are missing from each story and extra details were added or supplemented for contextual reasons. The brain wants to make sense of the event & does its thing to give [you] a unique story. 

Since I write my thoughts out, I sometimes get to type about something before I talk about it. But that normally isn’t the order of operations. I tend to only write a few words if I haven’t already planned out what to say. Then my A.D.D. kicks in as I ponder tangent ideas and flow to other topics. Oftentimes, the original subject is like a diving board and the pool is rocking fiercely. By the time I look up and realize where I’m at, I’ve drifted far from the jump site. 

1:42pm on Friday, May 26, 2017

Off my chest

I love this blog to get ideas off my chest. To release that anxiety that builds as you lie in bed. With thoughts whirling through, it is easy to find a fantastic idea that needs to be re-examined later. Since the iPhone is near, it is simple to type a story. It is neat and tidy. It allows items to clear from the brain’s short/midterm cache. But then, when like now, only the tip of the mountain can be revealed because the rest occurs in mental visions that cannot be easily transferred by pen and paper. 

Engineering Class

What is wrong with me, it’s 1:13 in the am and I am not really tired. Listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast with Michael Malice. Had played a few games with a group tonight. Then bought an expansion for Dominion. 

I’m looking forward to the test-run with mom on Saturday if it doesn’t get played in tomorrow’s group. 

This card suits me well:

I love that chance card, especially if you can keep a high ratio of a single card to increase your odds. Plus there’s always an action to play the card you saw — even if it isn’t free. 

I knew it was a bad idea to drink two coffee drinks at the event; but it sure boosts my attention for the gaming — since I don’t take caffeine often. 

I’ve been thinking that I may begin a blog section with entries that may eventually get a laugh out of my work mates. As suggestion from them, sort of, they joke of documenting our conversations. As others in the past have said also. But we’ve never done so. 

… at work, open-air conversations about whatever, pretty much for half of almost every day. Some interesting topics pop up, heated arguments, and the like. 

I try to open their eyes to ideas and question their reasoning, while they attempt to correct my views and force “facts” in my face. 

…so it is a challenge on both sides. Each side remains unchanged, often. 


Anyway, so I learned how to remove a glove with much less effort than normal. I now can remove a welding glove in a mostly relaxed manner instead of ripping it forcefully across my knuckles. 

…funny thing is, I had no clue that gloves actually could be put on/off with such small effort. And now it is becoming difficult to not remove them easily. 

One day, well several days, we’ve had geography discussions which led to quizzes of the globe and of the USA. Sadly, I am horrid at geography (this is due the fact that I don’t care about geography) and named barely a quarter of states. But it was interesting and fun. 

If there’s a query in the room for an odd topic, there’s likely someone interested in the answer and a google-search is underway. It is funny lots of times and often spawned by myself. I have learned tons of stuff in that room. Not all useful, surely, but entertaining at least. 

…I should track some of this. Today, we experimented (for me) after they witnessed me attempting the iPhone with headphones. I thought I was maybe using proper technique, but I never really know how far to hold the phone from mouth using the earbuds. So i was 2 inches from it. They said I probably sounded like I was yelling. Anyhow, we tested it in the office. Maybe they are correct, but I didn’t get to do the hearing part on my side. 

…ugh, quarter till two. I guess the ten hour nap last night will help my sleep deprivation this night for this day. 

…5/26/17 1:50pm

Kroger toaster pastries are a joke 

Heck, they seem like a scam – they are that bad. 

Like Pop-Tart paid them off to sell awful product in order to stay top dog. It sounds reasonable. Keep stock of them to intice addicts to try a generic version. I haven’t tried a generic Pop-Tart in years, cause they always are dry and flat. 

Tonight, the 25% cheaper caught my eye and I went for 1 box of cookies & cream. And 1 box of the real brand – s’mores. In the car – first bite in – I could see I was dooped again. 

…The strategy worked PT. I am once again in fear of poor ROI. 

…It will likely be years before I waste my cash on another generic box of scam. I want to complain to Kroger for being a chump and offering crap to their customers. And to Pop-Tart for being the target of my conspiracy; shame on them allowing this to go on for such a long time. 

3_7_2017 Tuesday, 10:54

Reminder: Look at chains, rock/sand etc for ruck walk

I did look. Rocks are way cheaper, but more tricky to use. The marble rocks seem the densest; that bag is 20% less cubic feet for the same approximate weight (50 lbs). At $4 per 50 pounds, I can get all I need for two people for a mere 25 bucks. 150 lbs is more than plenty for activities. 

Chains can be wrapped over the shoulder, whereas rocks need heavy duty bags and straps.

That low weight chain is $4 per pound. Hopefully larger, thicker, heavy chains can be found at a better price per pound. (Not even sure the going price for metal – that’d be an indicator. 

…and then there’s concrete, that can be formed into weights that can be sewn into a vest (rocks too – but not as smooth)…