Window Tint

I’m tossing this one in the lunch break category cause I’m a lunatic and found a cozy spot in a very small patch of “woods” beside Pro Tint on yesterday (12/28/16).

The place was great. Friendly service, fantastic reviews, returning customers (in lobby i spoke to an older man), and 20+ years in business. 

And their lot wasn’t too commercial, heck — it was a house or modular home on a lot, with a neighborhood style backyard. There was a nice little spot beside the garage side with no windows. That wall faced a fence with a ten foot clearing where they piled dry cardboard. I decided to use it for some bostaff training while I waited. 

As a note, window tint is 35% (legal) on both sides with 25% (illegal) on rear glass for headlights. As comparison, I believe my last truck was likely 25% all the way around. 


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