Coastal Water & Sewage Company in Savannah 

Somehow, I always get a bit lost trying to find this place. The map guides me to Liberty Street when the facility is on Oglethorpe Avenue. 

Then when I realized this on yesterday I got turned around and wound up in the wrong direction by a half mile. This will be my guide for the next trip, first, and then an update to my billing status. 

There’s a marker for Fire Street Food on there; that’s a frequently attended restaurant and it’s in my phone list — is that why it is on my map? I don’t know. 

119 W Oglethorpe Ave, Savannah, GA 31401

119 W Oglethorpe Ave, Savannah, GA 31401
I love this building entrance. It’s hidden away like a hobbit hole.

The status update:

I try to notate into my calendar when I make these payments, but I suck and tend to forget. So, I can’t remember exactly when my last payment was made, yet it was around 3 months ago. I used the same theory as yesterday. I paid what I owed and then 70 extra. 

 Here’s the reasoning:

The water company will allow your service to run over by 2 months before disconnecting. When they d/c, it takes a couple extra days. I know from experience. 

So, if I pay 2 months in advance that’s great — but I really have 4 months till I have to pay. And it’s 3 months till a late fee. Also, for 70 I should get 2 full months ~$32/each and have a few bucks remaining (just in case). 

I did this while I was at GAC (I was a lot more loaded). But since I had great income I could pay in chunks of 300-400 dollars. 

Now what I would love to do, since they do not offer auto-pay is to get my bank to send in a check on a regular schedule to the water company. I want all my bills on auto pay once I stabilize my income/expenses one of these days. 


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