Lifting routine 

I ought to begin tracking my progress. If only for conversation with a certain crossfit champ, he’s extremely routined. Whereas i tend to be erratic. 

Our motives are similar though: function over form to give skill abilities. The skills are what differs. He’s into crossfit training for crossfit competitions and I prefer cross-fit (generic) for general fitness and to be able to do manual labor more effectively, aiming for flexibility as priority. I’d also like to train into some martial arts and aim for ninja warrior style end-goals. 

Since 2009, the year I began welding, my fitness has been a roller coaster. I was above average fit until 2010. Then the three year roller coaster with my ex made me fat for two years. Then after we married, i began a journey to get fit — by the time I finally left her, i was fit again. There was a year of fit there. Next depression after job & new lady loss got me fat. Then i started to get fit when chasing another chick. Then some depression again. Then a year of fat . . . That brings me to now. Trending toward fitness again. 

Anyhow, I should look into excel for iPhone or some app that I could link to this website. 


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