The plan as of now is to do squats and chin-ups five days a week. Mix in other regiments along the way. 

So far:

Day 1: (last Monday) squats, lat pull downs and stretching with shoulder presses & curls to warm-up. 

Day 2 thru 5: 1 chin-up at a time, 3 to 5 per day. A short bike ride around Lake Mayer on one day. 

Yesterday: squats and lat pull downs, stretching. 

Today, Wednesday: 4 sets of low weight squats (115lbs); then a few sets of deadlifts, and a few lat pull downs. With a half-hour of stretching. 

* my chin-ups will be supplemented by lat pull downs until I can do five or so chin-ups. I give it 2 weeks for that. When doing an exercise daily, the body adapts with haste. Same goes for squats or anything else. 

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