Chiropractor says no squats tonight 

On Tuesday I did squats an hour or so after a chiro session. Later that night, the left side of my neck near the rear of my head began to be sore. 

Soon a slight headache popped up. It felt like a dehydration headache. I drank some water and then slept. The ache continued and the soreness worsened on the following day. Even though I drank several glasses of water and ate a couple times. I took extra magnesium and licked all the tasty salty crumbs out the bottom of my mixed-nut can. The ache persisted. 

I finally gave in to medicine around 1:00pm by asking my sister to bring me some Aleeve when she comes to pick me up for the expo trip. 

Like a promised placebo, the headache began to drift away and was ninety percent gone by the time I swallowed 2 pills a few hours later. 

Back at the chiro today and told a short version of my story and her answer was to the affect of “why come get put in order and then go push yourself out of wack? Rest for a day”.

I’ll skip the squats today. But I want to do them. Perhaps tomorrow, I suppose. I would rather be healthful than push myself to pain. 

A couple card games will replace my squats. Hopefully. 


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