4.9.2018 goals

I will list my goals for today, so that I can concentrate further on them. So that I can have them listed to see if I finish. For reminder of what needs to be finished before the day is done, no matter the distractions that will inevitably arise:

  • create flyer for Buzz Yard Services
  • create business cards for Alchemic Healer
    • this should include all social aspects
  • read more of my two books
    • Flash Foresight (Daniel Burrus)
    • Sell or be Sold (Grant Cardone)
  • brainstorm on a name for the upcoming brand
    • (Giving Tree) was suggested from a friend, but with realization that that is a U2 song name, and very well could be copyright/trademarked already.
    • Otherwise, I am open to any ideas

I can think of a dozen more things, but these are the most important for now.

I recieved a question from a new friend, “How can I get $6,300 by next week?”

Jeesh, I dunno, sell something. I’m not quite there yet, but maybe we could figure that out. We need something to sell. Whereby he explained a couple storys from his past that shows his history of e-commerce. E-commerse has been on my mind over the last two to three weeks and I aim to find a product or (as he suggests) create my own product to sell.

The problems with that are various, but mostly stem from lack of capital. But I imagine we can work around much of that if able to meet the correct people. I have been coming across people whom all deal with little bits of this line of work. I just have to be the glue and assemble the pieces in working order. Now, I must figure out how to do this, and to what product that we could sell. If/when I come up with a name for the new company (Giving Tree), then I can push that as the brand of product line and that would serve as a base for the capital of the company, to push the product, and to learn more about e-commerce in the meantime.

These are my issues for today. The things that I think about — some of them. I am focused on business with almost my entire being, but being split in many directions, that I cannot exactly focus on just one, to hammer into a business… Even the lawn care will overlap with the G.T…. to overlap with e-commerce… to overlap with homeless “charity”.

I am beginning to cull my group. I am please to say that I am starting to be able to see the wholer picture. With each passing day, my friends either fade away or become new. My circle has widened, but I only widen it selectively, carefully… I cannot deal with people whom are not flowing along with me.

I aim to meet all my mentors. The ones that most people never expect to meet. The ones that most people are afraid to approach, I offer my advise. I’ve had the opportunity to attract those people to me, without even realizing. I am blessed to have this happening, so that I can see the fearlessness within my own self.

10:58 am, Monday, 4.9.2018

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