I’m writing a book!!

haha wooo!!

I am writing a book.

A friend offered the idea. I can ramble away a book detailing my recent experiences. My future outlook and my plans to how I plan to get there. I want to use the book as outreach of possibilities and also offer my view of the many things that I now believe hold much weight in the reality that surrounds us all.

The book will hopefully bring someone into my path that needs to be there and hopefully also bring a supply of income that will be much needed in the coming weeks, months, and years.

I may as well bust one out while I can. I just wrote for three and a half hours straight. Got a good start going.

I already have a whole outline written out, with a plan and goal already set. I also have boundaries put in place so that I don’t go too personal. I am aiming to keep this lightly personal, but I will have to go into some details. yet so far, I have kept it fairly vague, but with some story included. With future, I am quite certain that much of my life may come to light, and I am quite fine with all of that as I have learned more about other people through listening and trying to help them.

anyway, yeehaw, it is fun talking about the things that you are obsessesed about, and i am fuly obsessed, so that is very relavant to me at this time!!


3:29am, Tuesday (or Wednesday?), 4.10.2018 it’s late and i’m exhausted, I should be asleep in my van — hours ago!!!!

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