This past week has been ridiculous. I can barely remember Monday.

Sunday, Easter, was April Fool’s Day. Ironically. I ended up going to day-light church at my home church. Then I wound up at the Epiphany church service during the evening. The service is currently being held at the BullStreet Labs. This turns out to be a catholic based church with aims to not push religion, but to offer it to others. I can deal with this in better ways than the typical church.

These people have a pot-luck meal after each service, in order to bring the group closer. Then, last night, they all stayed for a community meeting. Rather, a group to decide on events that they plan to create in order to help the community around them — not just to cull in more members. The attitude was great; that is more of what I need and desire. Without things like this, I will not continue to attend. Because, honestly, the only other reason I would go is to try to pull people out of their blind faith and give them something to shoot for in this life.

I took a picture of the meeting board, below. This is for reference for now, but mostly so that I can look back in two months and see if the things were accomplished. Not to put in their faces, but to remind them of their missions that they had suggested and desired to bring change to. In effect, they are attempting to draw in members, but more so to help the surrounding community. With a reminder of what they wanted, they can see how to go about the next iteration of outreach.


My name is not up there. I have too much in action now, and most of my ideas can overlap with the ones that they have in mind. I plan to attend with all of their meetings, especially with the homeless, because that is aligned with a piece of my mission. I did offer to accept blankets and to even go give blankets with anyone willing to do so. I offered the suggestion that these homeless people actually just want/need to be spoken to and treated with respect. That the food and clothing offered should not be the goal, but should be a key . . . allowing them an entry to speak with these people. Much of the problem with homelessness is emotional or mental distress.

I actually look forward to going to a church that is involved within the community. I have been waiting to come across a group such as this, but I have not been searching for it. It happened across my way and I am thankful for this, because the things that these people want to do are to help — without the pressure of Hell-fire and condemnation. I know they are still blind to the metaphorical side of the religious texts, but the fact that they are open to helping those around them that do not believe in their ways is fantastic. There are a couple of folks who’ve already been dedicated to the tasks of helping homeless, and in that measure, I am far behind. Yet I am happy to have found this group, so that we can work towards bringing more connection to this town and perhaps I can influence a few people in positive enough light to realize the things that they are missing out on in regards to their own realized truth.

10:35 am, Monday, 4.9.2018

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