Next step 

Okay, so the heater is running in the car. Blanket and clothes in dryer. I assume the car will start.

Dad confronted me about a bag of dope! Rather, marijuana. Worried over me and drugs. “But you swore you weren’t using”. Yep, you said dope. I don’t do drugs. 

He actually was in reference to a bag of sage that I left in the bathroom. Who keeps marijuana in a brown paper bag anyway? I really don’t care how it is illegal. Don’t forget all the random speeders and non-blinker-using drivers. “What?” Exactly.

Sage to draw out dark spirits. “Only the Lord can do that”. I don’t think you’ve dealt with dark spirits either — knowingly. 

hugged him a moment after I sounded like I was upsetting him. Had to force it on him practically. Says he worries over me constantly. But you shouldn’t. You are worrying over what? 

…I’ve had one hell of a last few months and you are worried over smoking pot? I don’t get it. Do you even read my blog? Have you been to my house more than twice in three years? If you are worried, then lend me a hand — not worry over my safety or soul. I’m fine. And the pot helps me relax a little. Just a little, not anything like the affects of a drug. 

I’m tired of being jumped on for tiny discrepancies like smoking weed. Or for spitting in the sink. Or for using too many towels or taking too long of soaks in the bath tub. Sure… your house and all… but you know I don’t care about these minuscule rules that tempt to be broken due to their pointlessness. 

If a law is stupid — then I don’t follow it. 

…easy enough right? How can you not see how this works? How do you still expect me to follow a rule that is in violation to my personality?

I should be on the road by 11:11!! 

It’s 9:53am now. 

1.4.2018, Thursday 

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