Thick snow outside 

I guess that is a relative comment, there is like three inches. It’s a ton for my location. The entire area should be on lockdown. I may be one of three dozen vehicles on the road this morning, because:

I awoke to look at one of the dating apps. Tinder or Bumble. That’s the two I use. Tender is the only one I’ve met a real, live girl from. This habit for a couple weeks gains my attention. 

What do you know, but one of the first profiles I read said Miami. I’m obviously one to look for signs, or at best, to look for signs that keep showing themselves to me in repeated fashion. 

All day, yesterday, and already today, in the first three minutes of awakening. I may be gone within the hour. I need to dry my red blanket and whatever I got damp from snow on yesterday. Be sure the car will start and maybe run a heater out to it with an extension cord. Let all that snow melt from the car before I dip out. 

I am hard headed. I don’t really want to go. I know I’ll enjoy the trip. Or expect to. For whateveriscalling me, I’m assuming is great; it hasn’t screwed me over yet. But damn if I don’t really know what is down there besides a large community of shamanism.

Shamanic practice has been calling me. I have been practicing Alchemy and Reiki. My psychic ability has been popping out on a regular basis. I feel energy from other people. I have one “patient” already and I’ve cured another of ailments. My (real) Magic is working with several ideas coming to fruition. Should I say spells? 

And then there’s “real-world” bullshit in the way like a car payment I cannot really afford. I’m sliding by with cash, but not quite enough for the two payments I owe. And I’m also in need of Youtube supplies. 

Uggghhhhhh, I’m really confused right now. I just wanna sleep for a week. 

8:45am, Thursday, 1.4.2018

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