I really don’t know now 

Yeah so Fort Lauderdale ain’t happening. Funds are at zero. But I do get a rent check tomorrow and should be able to start at the cabinet place. 

I was on my way outa here and maybe that was the whole point. To follow until the end was certain. I dunno. I’m tired of being strapped by my purse strings and going on blind faith. Every day something magical happens and I see it, so what be the point of this exercise?

Now what to do today? Snow is everywhere. I don’t want to play in it. I really don’t like the snow very much. It’s only neat and exciting. My car is freezing cold and now I cannot afford a tiny heater to use the power converter on. Cannot afford a mechanic though I have a warranty. This is a dumb situation. I don’t even like this lemon of a car. 

The sunshine sounded wonderful, but now I’m stuck in a frozen dream. I may just go sleep today.

I wonder if there is any decent meetup groups, I do have a bit of cash still. Perhaps an energy session with Balance, but that’s an hour of driving at night. Was worth it each time I’ve attended. I feel at ease and comfortable there for a few hours. At a cost of ten bucks for “dues”, it is certainly worth the investment. 

Maybe this is just more to scare my family and make me look nuts. Eh, whatever, it’s something to talk about with the wierd and constant coincidences. 

And I did leave with ease at 11:11. I really didn’t even adjust my cadence of leaving. I dunno. 

High Noon, Thursday, 1.4.2018

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