November 21, 2017 (3)

Finished working for the week!!

Submitted my three jobs for UI benefits. So, that’s $330 per hour. That is my wage: 330/hr. But they only let me have one hour per week. Lamesauce

The company should arrive soon — within a couple hours. This house is ramping up for them. 

…I just soaked beans that I think they wanna cook tonight and now I’m suddenly famished. I want to fast, though it would be extremely difficult with company. They will likely be constantly snacking — it is Thanksgiving week after all. Thought they may not as I believe diets go all-around here except for Mom and Dad. But their diet is still to eat a lot — just more natural food.

…however, I’m craving one those LaraBars, the junkier food. Yet I really want some curry. And that is difficult in this household. It will be only me eating the curry. 

Did a headstand and a few pull-ups on the dogwood tree. The same tree that skinned my foot a bit last night. Lightly-skinned: to redness with slight scratching. My foot skidded down when trying to climb and felt like the skin was sanded off by rough paper. No doctoring required. All is well. 

…I still feel the initial sting, yet no evidence of scrape. I merely have the memory. Like watching a roller coaster on television and the watcher gets sweaty feet while sitting on a couch in a cold room. The sensation arises as if the event is actually happening in that instant. 

I’m gonna go drink some agua and go do more pull-ups and very likely be halted by a nephew to throw a ball on the roof. 


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