Soy Lecithin 

Thanks to this site:

The Healthy Home Economist

Yet I did not research further; seems legit enough for me for now. 

While Lecithin is an essential fatty acid, the component (NOT FOOD) is created as a waste product of manufacturing a different product. 

…this is very much like the flouride that has been forced upon the population for decades. As the flouride used by your government is a byproduct from manufacturing. It is a waste that is sold to water treatment facilities as a required component of that much needed resource. The waste comes from mills such as pulp & paper manufacturers. Basically, this toxic, man made waste product is purely to reduce (or profit from) dumping fees for the corporations involved. 

It truly is that shady

Yet barely anyone even notices. 

Nor cares when informed. 

I’ll try to look up more later, but this is the FIRST INGREDIENT of a small spice packet that came from the beans.

  • I don’t want to eat this junk.
  • Also, only ham flavor for a 15-bean soup.
  • But we bought beans. 
  • Why are you assuming we want fake ham taste for beans?!!???!!?
  • Quit being chumps with our food. 

November 21, 2017


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