November 21, 2017 (1) hair growth 

Delusional — perhaps. Though I believe my hair is growing into a balded area. 

I’ve been wondering if any may and enough so that I’ve been thinking often of it but haven’t looked. 

Just in the bath room and looking in the mirror and hair is actually in the “peak” areas. Not much, the hair are wild. 

In the center part, of the front, where hair has always grown sparsely, there is a normal height of hair and then a growth of “peach fuzz” below. I’m gonna go look again…now. 

So, it’s not like I’m in the wig making business now, though there are certainly an extra couple hair and the peach fuzz may be normal as my hair is getting too long already (beyond a quarter inch). 

It just doesn’t seem normal for me and I figured I would notate this. If anything continues or is noticed, then at that point, I will boast. 

Until then — it is simply odd. 

11:47am, Tuesday 

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