November 20, 2017 (3) food sweat & LSD

In the past few weeks, a small portion of the experiments are centered around scent. It is not so much centered-on, the scent is noticed only on occasion, therefore on the edge of experiment and noticed only after completion or failure of a fast. 

I smell the crotch of my britches daily. Since ages ago, this is how I gauge cleanliness. Have done so for years and normally there is slight fowl scents. The scents are those of feces or sweat or old sweat, of crotch sweat with its skunky aroma. To separate a young man’s pile of clothing, this is done. Now, when piled are separated to clean or dirty, it is not necessary (typically) — only habitual. 

During a fast, during the time in which only water has been drank, there are no foul bits of scent on the seam of the crotch. The realization of this is gradual and turns into a sweet smell after days of wear during days with little movement. 

…The sweet is a concern at the start. Perhaps my olfactory is malfunctioning, I would think. Yet I still smell coffee correctly. I smell flowers with ease. I smell the grass and it is sweet like the seam of pant. 

…enhancement of olfactory is actually in play. Whatever is your desire will be amplified to a heightened level which is noticed, now, in hindsight. The scents can be smelled from much much further than ever imagined. You become an Indian in the forest looking for a deer. Ability to sniff piles of scat from the multitude of rotting leaves and branches which have fallen. 

…hunters never understand why they cannot find the deer, even at distance with a rifle  — up in a tree  — out of sight, out of sound, out of touch, out of taste. Though smell is not, smell is heightened to the extreme for the animal. 

…the animal will clear his sense as he clears his bowels. Fortunately for the deer — has never been a concern. Yet the human animal of today is clogged like his sewer system. He doesn’t realize he smells like fake perfume and cheesy nachos — causing the deer to fear the dreadful, non-natural scents. 

The sweat of the armpits vary from that of the crotch with their obvious reasons and lack of anus. Though both wind up nearly the same. The pits become glazed by their own deodorant after days of unbathed life. The scent becomes sweet and distinctive to yourself. The natural barrier forms to maintain a balance of life in the ecosystem that lies in that region. The barrier does its best to continue the productive life of the endocrine system. The pit is a soft spot on the body and thus allows invasion if not treated with respect. 

…the body will send toxins of varying degree to the armpits for quick release and relief. It is these toxins that you smell — not you. You do not stink; the bread you ate last night does stink

…the first day back on food. No. The first afternoon on food — and I want to use soap to wash away the stench. 

…I breathe and taste the oysters. 

…I fart and smell the bread, eggs, or hash browns. 

Drawing in my abdomen, the bulk of food, still in my bowels denies the ability to create a void under the ribs. I cannot inhale fully either, only a shallower breathe which is more like a large breathe of a year prior. 

…I’ve lost track of my goal in writing this, or be it distractions from my bowels which I must go void. I’m about to go lose two pounds or three. 

I do believe the fasting will be picked back up and I very well may vanish to the beach or to a place where I may escape the usuality. I really need to experience a week of fasting and the ability to look within in the process. 

…on the last day of the last Colorado trip, I gained a level of peace of mind that was similar to LSD. After fasting for three days, while meditating and listening to calming music for the majority of duration, the tranquility that I gained will not go unforgotten in the near future. 

……with the comparison to LSD, I am not ashamed to say that I certainly were smoking copious quantities of marijuana, yet with my experience—it was barely beyond my normal and only added to the experience — not creating it entirely as it could have done twenty years ago. 

……the effect was noticed as the time came when I was practically forced by society to enter back into its grasp when the Department of Labor declined payment. I decided that fate just would not allow me to continue; so I exited the car after sitting or lying within for forty or so hours. I had been covered, head to toe, in blankets to sheild the freezing air and sunlight. Only coming out from the blankets in recent hours to crank the car for battery recovery or to alight a bowl of medicine. 

………..upon exit of the car, I entered the grocer. I felt as though my brain was fully active and aware, though I was in a fog of illusion where text did not make sense. The titles on merchandise were oddly incoherent and created problems when looking at the products. Confusion was heightened until I realized that I was in some strange state which I likened to LSD. 

…………colors were vibrant. People were looking at me strangely as I passed due to my wide grin and also due to my casual dress in freezing winter conditions. My short britches stuck out like a blackened eye. 

….colors on display cases were vibrant and each sign brought me to stop in my tracks like a deer to a headlight. I would pick up an object to stare at — only to discover it to be a common household item — and laugh at the observation. 

……the cashier was lovely. Expecting that I was merely baked to the gills like the common pothead of Colorado. I talked for a moment, forgot my wallet. Then my key. Barely making it out with my two pouches of candy. 

…the cloudy blue sky was serene as I walked back to the car. 

…as I cranked the car to leave, the blissful state had barely drifted away and I hesitated to drive. Yet I persisted and fumbled with the iPhone to enter a destination to the GPS. 

…upon site of the first sign, confusion was still apparent, but I knew I’d be fine. The road was long and straight. After three hours, I arrived and had angered each driver (certainly). My speed varied from 45-70 and the limit was 75mph. Though that stretch had perhaps only a dozen participants; the road was desolate. 

…the sensation persisted until I slept. 

Fear to write of such is gone. I care much less to offend or worry. The fear of someone seeing is gone because I care not. Even the fear to say I’ve eaten LSD is gone as I believe those experiences to be of the order of several of the best experiences of my life. 

Why would I continue to hide these wonderful experiences?

…especially considering the fact that I want to experience that bliss again. 

1:47pm, Monday 

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