October 31, 2017 (1)

Sure wish the normal camera on this phone would take the superb quality pictures that it should. Were it not smashed at the lens. The fattest crows I ever saw—crowded ‘round my car. It’s 7:30 here, been awake, charging the cell for an hour with the gas engine running. Not very efficient, but it works. Barely puts any heat out at idle. 

Marked that one post as 420, but I may as well just mark them all for now within this category and time and place. I’m in a place of honesty for reasons and still want to journal what I feel open enough to say. 

Poured the bad Walmart grapes from the trip, from the popcorn night. Figured crows eat grapes… right? These didn’t. They are gone now. 

Store special at eight in the morning is coming in 22 minutes, may as well walk over and get the indica I want, to have the full wave or cycle of upward and downward sensations while I lie under blankets. 33 degrees outside; I don’t plan on hiking today; adapt a bit to the cold I guess. Need to grab long pants out the truck now. 

…great timing, perhaps the pants will warm on the defrost vent a bit before 8am. Twelve minutes—not sure the duration of the morning special. An hour likely, though I may as well go early to check and I am warm and prepared and ready to relax and wrap back up in blankets and sleep again. 

I’m tempted to do so now, but an alarm is set for preparation; the UI report needs to be completed. It is quick and painless mostly, but it requires a pen and that is in the trunk. Without the pen and paper, the painlessness decreases and annoyance quickly rises. I shall wait for the alarm to sound. 

Not sure how much I will actually journal in here over the course of this month. Probably less than you want right now because I left a cloud of vagueness around my departure and I continue to do so now. To the couple people I speak, but to any random person who may actually read through these passages, they would certainly want more if they have made it this far into. Only I’m not trying to look fully nuts by showing all the crazy that I have researched. Into and as I experience the experiments and can find results that correspond to expectations or any non-results of such, I plan to examine and discuss. 

The after is better than the before. Always, because these things as I have learned through the years are crazy to a very very large chunk of the population. “What do you mean by saying you drink olive oil? You are going to die; you know that right?” Nah, I appreciate your concern, but that is actually very beneficial. (Not picking on you). 

Abusive OG. I lost it for twenty minutes in the car. Discovering that my new fluffy white blanket sheds fluff all over. An indica strain. I shall try it now…yes, it is nice. I am even holding the phone more tightly and nearer my face, I can tell. Certainly different, more like the medicinal sensation that people expect. Where as I am sliding my fingers across the key pad like ice and stumbling at half the letters. The pace of text has slowed greatly by . . . I don’t even know a number even, I’m slowed to a crawl really. So, I’m gonna take a break now. 


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