October 30, 2017 (1)

So it’s near eleven o’clock. Walmart closes soon and I may evacuate before it does. I’m wrapped in something like five blankets and I’m testing out boot warmers for heat. I got two multi packs. The temperature is 35 degrees, holding steady since around four today. The snow on the ground all around does not blanket the grass or lot, but there is a little coating on each of the surrounding RVs and car-dwellers. I walked out when I first got here from the drive, bare chested, and it was very cold. I’m looking forward to some cold resistance training here — the actual cold is tough to look at compared to my ice tubs at home, with hot Epsom salt baths nearby. Perhaps I can find a place with a sauna to use on the cheap. Otherwise, the car’s heater will be a main heating element of the training. 

Tomorrow, no plan except to fulfill my UI requirements and begin to quit dipping again. I’m short on tobacco as I’ve managed to keep buying through till Texas. I’ve got two different sativas and a hybrid strain of medicine. I’m basically set except to get a bit of indica in the morning for balance. So, for the newly informed, indica is depressant based (not my normal favorite, but can be nice); while sativa is a stimulant, which promotes creativity, focus, ambition, and those types of attributes. 

…The stereotype stoner is an indica based archetype, which puts a bad image towards the cerebral effects that the sativa strains can produce. At times of great herb, I’ve delved deeply into projects. For good or bad at times…

(Yikes) phone just cut me off and did a weird beep I’ve never heard. The YouTube music cut-off. The blog screen froze and I said “what the . . .” I was mid-thought of a rant; is this phone dying already? I look up at the top of the screen, it is 11:11. Screen unlocks. Nothing is wrong. 

This trip is not sativa induced though it is certainly sativa enhanced. Along with the enhancements of the training I plan to participate in, it will be a great addition. I’m about to give up tobacco on the day I give up food. I may wind up giving up my mind’s food as well, but for now that isn’t planned. I’ve three gallons water and just ate a dark chocolate bar. 

…After eating a bit of nonsense for two days, breaking my twoish day fast before the trip, my mindset is to ease in to a fast with a few juices for a couple days. Then again, it really isn’t necessary. 

…I ate the chocolate (85%) & a coconut juice. I had gummy bears, cheddar popcorn, and some other crap and three energy drinks on the trip. It may sound small, but the popcorn was 1000 calories alone and my diet has been very minimal lately. 

…Tomorrow, no food? I dunno, if it keeps snowing, I won’t be driving to any juice bar that might be around. So, no eating is certainly doable unless I’m actually showing signs of hunger after the initial suppression of water. That scenario is unlikely and I should have no problem in just drinking a gallon or two of water. 

…Yesterday, on the trip, I noticed I smelled bad. To myself (at least) is the only time of smelled without heavy activity in a month. It isn’t due to bathing, but to the food. I ate the junk in bags, then kept getting gas and my armpit sweat stunk of the popcorn. With the minimal food in my last few weeks, I haven’t had the same issue. 

…ahhh yeah, I got grapes that night too. Those were not tasty and I cannot eat mang if them. My mouth refuses. 


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