November 8, 2017 (1)

A bit nervous, though I try to block the anxiety by knowing that it doesn’t matter what happens. I’ll be quite fine if I don’t get the position on tomorrow. I have a phone interview for an 18 month contract for Sikorsky in Stratford, CT. The position is “Tooling Support”, meaning that it would be a superb continuation from my latest position. 

It’s almost like I don’t even want the position, due to the location and the current time of year. 

Yet, it will be a great location to pursue the cold resistance training that I do want to begin. 

1,200+ dollars a week would sure go a long ways towards building my dreams. 

My house is in great shape and is swiftly morphing into a liveable domestic unit. Half of the flooring is down. The work has gone slower than anticipated but it is still going well. 

…After ditching dude by running off to Colorado, his brother ditched him and the workload. So that is what slowed him down. It is good that I am back, so that I can take up the slack. 

…Hit a slow point of the door jambs, which need to be trimmed to allow the flooring to slide under the door frames. Contractors use a saw that chops a half inch off of the bottom, a jamb saw (creative name eh). The saw is motorized and costs between 150 & 300 and I had $22. This saw cuts each door in under a minute each. 

…So I bought the old school style saw for $12. Non-motorized. This saw cuts each door in 10 to 30 minutes each. I use a chisel with this method because the saw is actually an updated (downgraded) version that feels like it will fall apart at any second. The saw is like a metal saw with non-directional teeth, so I cannot sharpen it. 

…Thankfully not all jambs need trimming and also thankfully, I found the normal sized chisel. Had been using a 1/4” wide chisel. The 1” wide chisel has been sharpened to a knife’s edge and will speed the remaining doors undoubtedly. 

Onto the vanity side: I broke the 200 lb mark on the scales. A couple months ago, I was 235. After I lose 7 more pounds, I will be almost as light as I was in high school!! 

…Though weight loss is funny. I don’t entirely want to push my old record of 196 pounds from a few years ago. I had gotten really fit then, mostly from bicycling and diet. But I AM going to do so if the momentum continues. 

…It is also interesting to see that when I eat after breaking a fast is when chunks of weight have dropped. As in: I was 210 lb two weeks ago. Fasted three days in CO. Then ate limited foods for a week before/after the trip. 

……the trip was only about a week and I dropped down to 205. 

………since then, I’ve fasted for only about twenty hours and then ate. Though I suppose I have not eaten much. I’ve repeated that cycle daily. Eating mostly curried grits, lara-bars (rx bars), and fresh juice. 

… I’m eating at a calorie deficit. On top of acceleration from the total lack of gunk in my bowels for the majority of the day. I’ve been doing tons of stretching and breathing exercises — yoga — though not any specific routine.

It all adds up to building muscle along with weight loss at an incredible rate. The only way I do anymore is extreme. Though I am much more at ease this time around. I’m in a very relaxed mode that I can see how I could maintain this forever assuming I don’t fall into a spiral of desperation like has happened in the past. I just don’t see that coming—never do. 

Salt bath time… then off to my house for more work.

…Yesterday, I put in eight hours of steady work after being at the park for yoga and juice. With only that and the three spoons of sugar in my morning coffee, I began to feel hunger at around 8pm. Then at home, before sleep, ate two packs of curried grits and a Larabar (around 500 calories for the day). 

…I am now hungry again. I think I will go make a cup of coffee like yesterday (2 scoops Maxwell House + a scoop of Eulethero) with butter and sugar and milk. 

……and probably won’t eat until midnight. Who knows? Maybe I’ll go get some fruit at the grocer before then. 

Wednesday, 11:57am

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