It looks as though my training wheels are fully equipped. I do own a house that is unrentable, so I am anchored. And my job keeps me local. Yet I barely use the house. I’ve slept in my car for half the night twice and a full night once over the last two weeks – not counting my North Carolina trip. Each time I did, I was parked in my driveway. Since Friday before last, 14 days ago, I have dressed in the vehicle. [Except for the once before Church, but my shirt did come from the car.] Even before work, I wear shorts to a gas station, change into slacks and a polo, and finish driving. 

I don’t feel like a crazy person at all. It is less hassle to leave clean clothes in the car. They were folded nicely and the golf style polo shirts do not wrinkle. The pants, socks, and all fit in the basket in the back seat. And I normally leave my clean black socks in my bottom desk drawer, so those get put on at work. 

…And sleeping in the car is a whole lot closer to work in the morning. I’ve even turned to washing like I only had a dish of water for a couple days in the week. I have one towel for soap & water and one to dry with. This actually does make me feel a little like a crazy person. It works great, but the shower is right there – where I get the water & soap, yet this is really quick to do. 

I need to go the next step, after I fix my house, and buy a box truck to sleep in. Find some contracting gig out of town and tryout cheap rent in the “RV” & a gym membership for showers. 

3_9_2017 Thursday, 7:55pm

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