Kroger toaster pastries are a joke 

Heck, they seem like a scam – they are that bad. 

Like Pop-Tart paid them off to sell awful product in order to stay top dog. It sounds reasonable. Keep stock of them to intice addicts to try a generic version. I haven’t tried a generic Pop-Tart in years, cause they always are dry and flat. 

Tonight, the 25% cheaper caught my eye and I went for 1 box of cookies & cream. And 1 box of the real brand – s’mores. In the car – first bite in – I could see I was dooped again. 

…The strategy worked PT. I am once again in fear of poor ROI. 

…It will likely be years before I waste my cash on another generic box of scam. I want to complain to Kroger for being a chump and offering crap to their customers. And to Pop-Tart for being the target of my conspiracy; shame on them allowing this to go on for such a long time. 

3_7_2017 Tuesday, 10:54

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