Reader_part 2

Thanks for the help!

But one of you tossed my real name out there. So I was able to practice deleting a message. Haha

Tell me now. When I responded to the previous blog entry, did you get a message in your email or whatnot?

Also, it’s kinda funny that both of you used your real names. April used her last name [crazy!]!! 

But the one who said my name was anonymous. 

Another also, it irritates me that my avatar picture isn’t shown in the chat. I just get some random circle thing. I didn’t pick that. 


3 thoughts on “Reader_part 2

  1. April Brickhouse

    First, I had to include my name & email in the boxes after my comment or it wouldn’t post. Secondly, I didn’t mind because I can’t see the danger in doing so.


  2. Ughh, well this is the 2nd attempt to reply.

    April, you are a brave soul.

    Mr. Dover, I was pretty certain initially, but since I just told a friend from the ole W.O.W. days, wanted to be sure.

    Thanks again.


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