Wing Chun

Been wanting to get actual martial arts training for quite a while. Tried 1 night of Krav Maga last year as my only training. I didn’t continue at the time because I wanted a base of fitness. I gained the base for a bit, but have lost it since. Yet when I had it for a while, I didn’t return like planned. There were financial reasons and the recurring wrist injury and other nonsense. 

I am nearly back to fitness now. Have been back with daily bostaff training. Even though I’m not back up to where I feel near 100%, I’d like to persist and attempt learning some proper form. 

Here’s a link to our local dojo (?)


$110/mo for 2 sessions/wk

Add gas costs to this (but not much!! I still have the truck mindset). 

Sounds reasonable. Looking to checkout the place and meet the master (Sifu Michael Sampson) Then I should be able to swing it — just need to prioritize. 


Received an auto reply email also with scheduling. 

Adult class: 6:15 – 7:30 / Mon – Fr

Planning to go by there tomorrow after work. 


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