Pigs are allegedly smarter and cleaner than dogs, are they as loveable too? Also, since they are compared in such ways, do they have fairly similar personality traits?

I don’t like many dogs. Would I like a pig as a pet?

Can you make bacon from dogs?  (Looking into this now). You can make bacon from virtually any meat. Just need a loin, but flavor and fat marbling definitely varies between species. 

I asked a few of the family a little while ago if dog was white or red meat and everyone but Dad was appalled at the question. No surprise. Dad says he’s certain he had both cat and dog during the Korean war. Yet never intentionally. [Dog meat is red meat]. 

From research about survival living for SHTF scenarios, I’ve read that dogs are highly recommended for multi-purposes. They are great for pets, protection, and food. This is due to their ability to produce many offspring, high quality amino acid structure of protein and nutrient content, and ease of feeding. Also, the fact that breeds have already been domesticated for a long lineage give you ability to train for hunting and other useful jobs. The drawback is that they also need meat instead of grass or grains, so it is recommended to also raise goats, chickens, etc to support the private ecosystem. 

Coincidentally the podcast I turned on as I got in the truck today seemed to be on this topic. I muted it to begin this post. The topic is “carnism”. I’ll turn it back on for the ride home, not really sure what the term actually means, yet it appears to be about eating certain animals that society dictates while not eating the others. 


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