Overpopulation on our roads 

I would happily beat the hell out of the city planner that refuses to upgrade this area’s road network.

It is probably some old man who hasn’t driven through the traffic in years. At least 3 years as it has gotten progressively worse with each month. 

They’ve decided to add a diamond ramp system at the bottleneck, but no extra lanes leading up to it. I’ve never studied civil planning and certainly not professionally qualified to give a proper solution without some actual research, yet i do know that no matter the size of the mouth of a mason jar, if you pour 1 gallon of water into it’s mouth there’s only 1 main problem. That delima: it is a quart jar. You’re never going to fit a gallon of water into it. 

Or the opposite view. You have a pipe that attaches to a T-joint connector. From the T, a tube runs from there to your neighbor’s yard and the other has a tube that runs to your backyard.

At the moment, the pipe is 1″ diameter and the tubes are 1/2″ (not doing exact science, numbers are wacky). The flow from the pipe splits perfectly between the two and runs smoothly at 60 psi. The flow is constant and at max capacity. 

When you upgrade the size of the T and both tubes to 1″ diameter, the overall pressure will decrease and the two tubes will . . . I’m stopping my illustration because I feel I’m proving myself wrong. 

But I still connot imagine that 5 miles of 15 mph traffic will go away because of a larger exchange. Unless they remove the two traffic lights leading to it AND increase the amount of lanes that leads to the bottleneck OR provide a secondary route to the main city. 

I would still cheer for the beat down of the political bottleneckers that prevent hiring an intelligent person to make decisions for our roads. Or just quit your post, your job has outgrown you. Go retire in Florida where you belong, you shmuck. 


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