This is fodder at best

This cloud system was my favorite this week. 

Could not yank my camera out a couple mornings and missed a couple good ones. 

I swear I saw this exact same cloud on yesterday. Yet I was in a whole different town and originally saw it on January 18th. 

I think it’s stalking me. 

This picture is reminiscent of the photo that I took in Athens, GA. My friend got a large print developed and hung it on his wall. 
Though initially, I was driving and wanted a shot of the crisp moon in the purple sky. There were four quick clicks and this one came out the best. 

The phone pole in the corner, at night, with power lines running down a slope

*Didn’t have a category to throw this sucker under. I went with under health stuff – non gym in a subfolder Clouds & Dreams. Thought maybe under psychology, out of box, etc but in reality I would prefer to break up the pyc group and put that under health stuff, move gym into health. Really-tons of reorder, but it’s a pain on the iPhone and super slow on the substandard laptop. One day, /wink. 


Started lifting, eating more, feeling strong and flexible but my gut has been poking out more again. Maybe more than before. Not sure what’s up there, bloating  — maybe from all the attacking bugs around. Several people with different symptoms have been all around lately.

I need to do the ole total bowel cleanse again. I have done mini versions. As in up to a light colon cleanse: lots water a few weeks and finish with a month of colon cleanse powders, with a few full veggie days but not many.

The couple months leading up to this job were crazy busy with school and house remodeling. At the same time, I was deep into a serious and extensive bowel cleanse where I got to within a couple days of doing the gallbladder step. I drank herbal teas all day long, nearly 8 cups a day in the last two weeks. Ate vegan 90% of the time and only ate-out a couple times in the month. I lasted until i was overwhelmed within a few days of finals for school while balancing the other situation of house guest and remodel.

*Removed picture of Dr. Richard Shulze. Needed to note his name, as an article for his work is upcoming.




listening to a podcast, dude is all about sleep being great for your health and says that magnesium is one of the best remedies. Or rather that removing your deficiency of magnesium will promote better bodily conditions for sleep. 

This picture shows another person’s view, I have not done much research of best for bio-availability, but the podcast interview suggested there is a great product that is a lotion based. 

Magnesium, as far as I am aware, is one of the key ingredients to properly working muscles. It aids prevents spasms and cramps. Does something to increase relaxation of the muscles. 

If magnesium is used in all muscles, as indicated, the effects are widespread throughout the body. Any action, voluntary or non, is productive because of a muscular movement. Thus is affected by magnesium levels. 

Those of us who are on the Standard American Diet have become deficient due to the lack of greens and nuts mostly.

Epsom salt baths are my favored method to get bonus magnesium. It’s cool to feel the amount of sleepiness that is gained when I take the first soak of a while. If you need the magnesium, the effects are immediately noticed when you get sleepy afterwards. This is only realized after using the soaks two or more times each week for a couple months. Then sliding out of the habit for a few weeks or months; to return and get sleepy on the first bath. When I’d soak three times per week, I didn’t get sleepy from it. I imagine this is due to my body not needing to leech it all up so quickly. 

Use quality, the generic crap really does not have the potency that the branded salts have. I’ve tried them all.


The Ex

Just had a first encounter with the ex. 

I’m hanging out at the vacuum/air machine, reading blogs and listening to a podcast. Got my feet propped up on the door in my normal fashion. A lady pokes her head around my door to ask about the air machine. She gets a half sentence out before realizing to whom she speaks. 

Then apologizes for disturbing. I didn’t have much to say except for “I dunno, but I can pull up for you”. 

After pulling up, I had to tell myself to sit back down. Normally, I would have assisted the random woman since she likely wouldn’t be able to work the machine. And I know that she likely is clueless because I knew her well. I stayed in my truck. 

When I initially realized who it was, i was startled. It has been almost two years since I’ve seen the gal. Almost didn’t recognize her, not because she looks different- she hasn’t changed minus the extra girth. She didn’t sound right either. Her voice had a bit too much yankee in it, sounded like Minnesota or something. 

It is strange meeting folks who you have left in life. Whether it’s an old friend, coworker, or wife; never know how to act. It’s like I had to repeatedly tell myself not to hug her and not to be overly nice. I turned into a cold animal in wake of the situation. 

truck detail

removed the mass amount of nonsense from the truck. Started around 6:00pm and I been chillin’ in truck since finishing detailing at 8:30. 

Listened to my miles davis album and used only paper towels with spit or hydrogen peroxide. Washed down nearly every surface and cleaned grime out of the middle console pockets. 

Removed all trash. Still need to vacuum. Going to ride out to carwash for that and a rough clean on the exterior. Buddy from work is bringing hi-end cleaning gear. 

Hopefully I can have this sucker polished up by Wednesday for trade-in. 


Christmas lights 

Thinking I might just get some lights this year. Get a couple hundred feet of LED colored lights. Line my 2 small trees and then the large bamboo-looking weed out front. The weed will crack me up. 

Neighbors will love it!

Right? I’ll cut most of the grass if i do it, to not be a total punk. 

Poor night picture

Never could really afford it in the first 2 Decembers of the house. Well the first one I could, but with divorce the same month I wasn’t very christmasy. Not that I’m in any spirit for holidays now. Kinda tempted to dip out of town on Thanksgiving next week.