Personality Traits

I can see myself as the classic Capricorn’s description puts it. The way of the goat is trekking around the mountain in an upwards direction, reaching the top in their later years. But gaining their goal in the end.

However, my personal balance is the fact that I am on the cusp of Sagittarius, which are known to be aimless wanderers. Seekers of nature and solitude, with a heavy pinch of partying.

Also, I declare I have tested several times, on many occasions and I am certain I am an INTJ. Named as mastermind. I watched some videos and read many items on it. There is one youtube in particular that shows off the myer’s brigg classification of INTJ to be very clear. He cracks me up, cause he is intensely a recreation of this mindset. He reads into it and self delusions even further into the trap of it all. Instead, maybe one day he’ll wake up from it and look around and change a bit… I try to do that, but dang if it ain’t difficult.

I had it worked out for a bit there, myself. But I dive right back into the social inept tendencies of the INTJ, bordering on very introverted. My mix of Sag and Cap and INTJ are a maddening bunch of nonsense that says I could be anyone. Oh did i not mention the numerology version of my name to #… that all matches up to a T as well.

I think the universe has me like this, for whatever crazy reason.



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