Bland upcoming posts

.this is merely a learning experience. .it may end up being the first major stepping stone towards a huge, polished, entombed coffin that I will be able to afford for my dear departed bones.

.who knows though. .I want to delve into the thoughts of myself and launch new ideas and post my own drawings for future archival knowledge. .to see the path which led me to the perch where i will sit. .it may be a pile of dog poop on the corner of my single-wide’s back porch. .who know’s?.

.i want to live like a nomad for a bit. .i’d like to live in a van or a cargo van. .maybe a u-haul box truck. .an rv is possible, but i’d prefer something like a converted school bus.

.i must get to colorado. .for semi-abusive behavior that is otherwise known as my medicine, self prescribed to reduce social anxiety. .it works. .i don’t get too social on it. .but i just get fat when i am in a rut off of my meds.

.colorado for a new balance of life. .i want the mountains nearby. .i want local bike paths and trails to ride daily. .i want to be able to commute to/fro work via bike or walking when at all possible. .i’d like to refresh my social structures, looking for a more tech oriented area.

.my future may not lie in software development. .it likely will not. .but i would like to dive deep into my understanding. .hoping to gain the hunger to build things on this web. .i can think of several stat clustering programs that I would like to implement, because these things are all i look at for my investments and entertainment needs. .i just need to add archives and news.

.i want to show all of my nonsensical ideas. .drawings and theories. .i want to display it for my future wasted memory. .where, as now, i remember only the things which gain my sudden and intense interest.

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