In the lounge portion of the van, lying in blankets for a moment to collect my thoughts. Tempted to change my routine, but expecting to continue to the office and push to finish a project. 

Have come to a possible conclusion to end one recent binge of my focus and put it to the rear of my objective list. The scope seems to large to fullfill at this exact moment. Yet I still want to pursue the idea, I really need some structure setup first. I need a team and a few key connections. 

I started the plan. I can continue on it, but slow for now and grow the lawncare business for experience and to gain employees to train. 

Also, a friend whom if all goes well will continue as a partner wants to develop a Breathe Training Course with my leading. This sounds fantastic. I may invite another teacher to team up with and draw a crowd. My techniques alone are plenty, but variety is key for impact. This will require a fair amount of attention as well. Though it is great to have him pushing the idea on me; I have been considering this same idea for a couple months. 

Then there are the books. I’ve three possible variations of topics in progress concurrently. And I have plans to write more already, just to get it out of my head and on paper. 

I really need to get my credit in order and get bill collectors off my neck. So I can swing a quick loan in a year. That and a company in growth mode, a growing network of people and possibilities. 

I’ve already bitten a huge chunk in several venues. I’ve poked my head in every circle and happened to jump in a fast-paced program that I barely was ready. I can slow the pace, gather better information, build structure, find my team, and continue on. I feel comfortable letting the huge project slide, but I still would like to assist with the other students as watching their progress in whatever fashion is helpful. 

Enough for now. No defeat, but I am now deciding to refocus. The last few weeks of burning my brain on this idea has certainly created a beginning, and I have learned a ton. Refocus to a few weeks ago, but with new perspective from the class — the class initially got me in gear with Buzz Yard Services to begin. So, it really has helped throw me in the sales realm, and that led me to two great books, and countless videos of information and insight. 

11:11pm, Monday, 4.30.2018

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