Buckle Time

Yesterday, got a wake-up call and realize that I need to buckle down and get this shit on task a little better. The alarm went off at the expected time, and that is due to not fully committing on the project while also dealing with multiple projects in the same time. I have wanted to finish one thing!! but with that one thing, the topic has subdivided into a three-way and I cannot finish even one of those yet. the frustrating madness doesn’t bother me too much, but it bothers the guys in charge of the program where I am dealing with the “one project”.

The one project is the grand idea, which should consume the majority of my time. The project that aims to “link homeowners’ land to local “eaters” and provide a structure for growth”. I don’t even know how to word it properly, and that is part of the problem. HOw can i describe what I mean without the words to explain properly?

But now, a question that had arisen during the small session that I attempted the homework has now been answered, or at least it has been clarified.

Yesterday, the mood was sullen — stank. I know I felt the disdain and didn’t like like it… but i did know that i was worthy of it in that moment. Though I had expected the day to go a bit differently, the wake-up call was enough to realize a few things about this experience and to move forward with action and I also realize that of some of the things that I have been plotting are also some of the actions that must be taken, I just happened to be out-of-normal-order.

I have a freshened focus, but then again — i have yet to hone in on that and I have been working for over an hour and a half, but once again, on the improper mission — i felt to write a page into the book, picking-up where I left off on the day before Yesterday.

But I need to do many things on the other project. I need to craft some emails for requests, but then FIRST i need to research to find the receiver of my requests — they are all for people whom I have yet to meet… but I also must be ready to impress upon them the idea that I need help with. So I have a bit to do, in order to summarize and then request for assistance.

ooooo i feel overwhelmed…. but a goooood overwhelming feeling, because I have been needing a huge project to obsess upon — and I have found one.

10:44 am, Thursday, 4.26.2018

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