post Earth Day weekend

I wanted to update with a small status of post Earth day weekend. I had never done anything with earth day, it always seems a little outlandish to participate in a single day to celebrate by throwing a festival of sorts that will likely bring much waste to the city, but otherwise it is to note that nothing much else would come otherwise. i wonder how a vendor picks a spot for the only day of the year where their idea is concerned worthy of cause? to pick the one where I was assisting at. only if you are local or were many from out of town? I wonder what the better spot for such an occasion would have been to attend, for the best location for eyes on your project.

I had no booth, was no time to gather and so did my newer friend missed out when he could have pushed his current idea to the masses. i wonder how much attention the folks got from this and whether many contacts were made or if it was just another normal day of sales of their ideas.

it was fun doing the loading and unloading of the supplies for the show. i got to see a bit of the logistics required and met a few people along the way. got to see another side to those people, and see how i’m finding out to not be the only crazy person around. perhaps just the craziest in theory of ideas. it was tons of fun, but i am rather sore. my friend and I managed to do a large chunk of the work because that is just how it happens when you ask for my help. there were many hands on the action, but it’s not like i don’t jump up and start tossing orders without asking who is in charge. i let down the reigns and passed over the lead to the one who wanted it, but it’s not like I didn’t bend the will of participants to increase the rate of flow in regards to carrying the items. I cannot sit by and watch chaos. i’ll teach the lead a new way if it needs to occur, or takeover at any moment if need be. my friend is the same way, so we got things done quickly and efficiently.

Though I accidentally stole 2 tent poles! I need to return them tomorrow, I have them because we MacGyver’d a pair of scissors to a long shaft in order to cut-down the signage around Forsyth.

Tons of fun. I am sore from headstands and stretching and from all that toting. There was a stack of 240 chairs, 24 large tents, and a fare amount of other tents and signage and such. Enough to fill a medium sized U-haul truck.

I managed to see a camp in the woods, by the bridge downtown as my first visit to a homeless encampment, and it was really nice. I am tempted to hole up at a place. But I still have my van, so I don’t need it. But i very well may create a spot there, before long… I kinda doubt it thought, but it was lovely. The person I visited there is now moving into an apartment and I am pretty sure that i helped change their mind about that… even possibly by my visit to their site or by some of the discussions that I had with them. I have not even been pushing them towards a housing situation… if anything, I am encouraged by their dedication towards the outdoor living arrangement because I know that the effort is for honorable reasons and there is much good theory behind those reasons, but now to move into a house is wonderful and it is also inspiring to see the theories regarding that, but I have yet to gain the full story and don’t know if I will. It has been interesting times lately, and since I want to attempt to recall these times in the future, I must write them here and now. I have too much going now to even attempt to remember it all. much ;less to sort it into a daily format.

420 was pretty great too. that began the day of helping with the earth day festival. I had eaten a friend’s muffins that were loaded with CannaButter and iced with CBD laced icing. It was rather delicious and I should have taken a picture of it. For remembrance, but it wasn’t spectacular looking… only in effect!!!

I got pretty blasted, but not overwhelmingly. I kept my wits. I was very relaxed throughout though, due to the edibles. But towards the end of the night, I could barely hold my eyelids open due to the strong indica.

I also managed to clear my mind from all the business endeavours for the majority of the weekend. I am always thinking, it seems, but I managed to escape for a bit on the Friday, 4.20.2018. Having my new friend has helped with that. He is lacking the entire obsession as I am, but is on a search to find his next mission. I can see that he very well has the ability to become obsessed on his mission, but in finding that exact opportunity is a difficult one. The transitional ability is what I relate to, I wonder which way he will swing, and as much as I will hate to see him go to another state, I will say that it was fun in finding a new friend to hangout with in my free time. I have wondered for quite a few years if it was really possible to begin new friendships at this late time of life. Because I have been bored of my old friends and their stagnated lives — not of them, but of their lack of need to change. … jeez, i’m rambling on… i’m about to go find a spot to sleep, I just looked up to see my three minute warning of 1:11. It is nearing now and I may as well go over to my normal sleeping spot and await the thunderous rain that should have-already-been-here right??

I was warned by the news watchers, but there is no rain yet!!

1:11 am, Monday, 4.23.2018

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