Maynard is an Alchemist

I am going through all the albums now. I am on number two now. I haven’t gone in order, but maybe I should. I stumbled across one because I looked for an album cover to use for a picture… but decided against the copyright and went for a saw blade.

But then I got to the point of an album where I heard either Germanic speech or backwards lyrics and so then I investigated the backwards lyrics…

Only to find that one song with backwards lyrics are these:

Tool_backwards lyrics

referenced link

Truly Satanic.

So, then I investigated further to find the Germanic speaking. Finding out that it is a deeper message also. Maynard is actually singing a recipe for “The Eggs/Balls Of Satan”, which sounds awful… But read the lyrics:

tool_germanic lyrics

referenced link

Even deeper within is the meaning of the usage. Due to the instant reference of Hitler while hearing the audio, then that of eggs being representative of Jews — the meaning is that without Jews, which bring life into the object would never be delicious. Nor would it become whole, nor would it even be the same creation.

I’ve always loved Tool, but to see there is meaning within, that I never cared about nor looked for, until a time has come to where I understand. Maynard is an Alchemist.

tool lyrics_before we pine away

referenced link

tool lyrics_laterus

referenced link

Now, it is time to go create a video. I have got to get back on track with this. I have got to promote myself, I must in order to get my goals accomplished. I must continue on with the obsession and see where it leads me, down the rabbit hole I stay, but looking around, I see both sides of the story and I understand why you remain where you are, but I wish you to join whenever you are ready and then we can create the lives we always wanted but never knew how.

12:27 pm, Tuesday, 3.27.2018

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