As I listen to Tool, I think of tools, but I had already been talking of tools. That is all I speak about is tools, whether you realize or not. I look at the sun as a tool to soak up energy, to clear my vision.

I use the water as a tool to cleanse. To clean my skin, to cleanse my bowels.

I use my van to sleep, to arrive at places where I should be, to wake near my “job”, to save time in transit, to save costs associated, to break tradition.

I have new friends that I use as tools. I cannot help to place a label or a task onto you. If you don’t like this, you can ditch me, but I would imagine that you want to be the tool of creation. Otherwise you would leave, you would not listen to me, nor would I listen to you, because I would lose your respect. I am fine with that. If I have no use for you, then why would I stay around? Why would you stay around without a use for me? At least I tell you that you are a tool for me.

I take care of my tools. I have only ever kept around tools, but I only now realize that this is a reality. As of for now, I only keep tools around that are useful. I have turned into a minimalist in almost every phase of life and this will include people. If I have no use for you, in my current scheme, or if I have lost respect due to any number of reasons. Then you may note that I have not called upon you lately. If I haven’t reached out to you in the last three months, then I probably have ditched you, but it is not too late. If you want back into my life, then all you must do is contact me and then to not break my value structure or lose my respect by your actions. You really have nothing much to do except that You do what you Say, You Plan to do, and then You Take Action.

That last sentence, decoded into:

“You Say, You Plan, You Take Action.”

Otherwise, you can get the Hell out of my life.

But if you stay, if you join me, you will not regret it. Action is my only job now, within my obsession, I will produce my dreams. It is coming, I can feel it, I can see it. The people I bring into my life now are only great. There are no walls to bar you from my life, only gates to let you in. If you leave, it is on your own will.

That is unless you are actually destructive… which I have not come across a destructive enough person that I cannot walk away myself and ignore your nonsense. It is very simple for me to walk away. I have walked away from people whom are very, very close to me, and as much as it hurts, it is worthwhile to allow their negative emotions to clear. If you cannot see the reason that I leave, then you will not see the reason to stay with me, because the reason I live now is damn-near opposite of the essense of that negative emotion. I am looking to develop new ideas within our lives, to fight against the tyranny, to unstress our community, to bring people together…

Tools are useful. They may not always have a point, for the time, and I cannot fully say that perhaps your negative attitude isn’t useful at some point. But for now, only tools that are useable will be employed on a regular basis. All other tools can be put up, to wait for another time… or be refurbished into actual useful tools… we could make that happen.

I would prefer that over the other option.

10:09 am, Tuesday, 3.27.2018













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