Passed 500 blog posts, full of dribble 

But none the less, written. Off my shoulders at times or from the outskirt of thought. 

I had let my mind go fuzzy today. More like—forced into fuzzy through intake of excessive oxygen or air in general. Heavy, quick breathing until the sight vanished and the color matrix appears and disintegrated before it fully emerged and then the ease and 

Then the realization that breathe had not passed my lips, in that I’m sure I’ll need yo soon, but for now, the air needs are little and I sit and think to clear the thoughts and

Let a message arise. And with that, I put into motion an inspiration to allow the next thing to happen as is wanted in the moment. With that, the day ran smoothly. Now I ponder the following day to come. And

Having joined a new tech group for tomorrow, I shall see what may come forth. I have little other planned for now except to be a guest and speak about breathing for the “water lady” at her soon event. But that is not for a month. 

On Friday is a mentorship session through S.C.O.R.E. I look forward to that; same as I enjoy telling [you] that I hope to hire you soon. 

11:47pm, off to “bed haha”, Wednesday, 3.7.2018

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