How many hats will I actually wear?

That title could be taken easily that I plan to speak of owning a single business and then the wearing of hats that takes place within. Where one must participate in most or all of a company’s actions.

However, my query is regarding that of how many avenues of revenue do I plan to pursue? Not just of one business, but of the number of businesses that need to be sprung off of one another, that build with each other and support needs of the web which it is built into.

I was in the park today. Man, I sure am there a lot. I was midst a flexible bend, upside down, and had been doing headstands for several minutes previously. At that awkward moment, buttocks in the air and little sight from my perimeter, I called to from a fairly distant voice. Trying to get my attention from twenty-foot away. I uncurled and sat up to talk.

The guy was near my age, military for sure, inquiring if I’d show his nephew some stretches so that he could enter his upcoming karate class with some previous training. Expecting not too much, I ended up walking the teenage boy through several rounds of stretches, barefoot walking, monkey bar hanging, skinning cats, and some mildly difficult balancing practices that incorporate stretching. I showed him dynamic stretching by kicking.

Best of all, I showed the boy how to breathe properly. Through the stomach first, and not through the chest. He had no clue for a good five minutes on how to do this. Both his uncle and I swapped back and forth with technique. I ended up getting him understanding by calming him down and feeling the pressure on his hand, on his belly. He was a great kid. I gave out my phone number, but totally forgot to mention the Cleanse Savannah MeetUp group. I should have. Did not even think about it once.

It was a ton of fun. I showed all types of things and the boy picked it all up quickly. Soaking the info in like a sponge and easily using his youthful flexibility that he wasn’t even aware he possessed. The finding-out of this all was fairly enlightening to him. He was not even aware that he could do a full backbend (from ground up), but he quickly rose into form with ease. I myself need to start trying that one. Mine, they said, looked gruesome. I basically played around for about 45 minutes with them.

The guy and I spoke about business opportunities of himself and suggested that I really should start a service. Saying he wished he could pay me now. No worries, of course, it was fun to watch him do everything so easily and naturally. The upcoming karate will suit him well — or kungfu by my suggestion.

Perhaps he will give my number out, too. You never know. Or call me for more pointers. I gave him a fairly moderate price range. Nothing too low to waste my time and energy, but not too high for starting up. Any couple small gigs doing this in the beginning could go a long ways as far as getting further business from friends. The breathing technique alone, especially if he could get weekly maintenance on form and technique, will go very far towards his strength, flexibility, and all other training and life in general. That alone is worth any training session for cash. Not many people realize the importance until they see the effects.

The boy seemed impressed, at least a bit. Or intrigued to see the skeletal system under my rib cage when I showed him the (sucking-in) technique. Of one of the more advanced practices. That is a very slimming exercise, in fact. It builds your abdomen muscles in a direction that grows inward, instead of outward like most muscles. Therefore, it draws in your girth, naturally.

I go stuck on the one job, now didn’t I.

The other hats or positions would be those of Consultant, which that previous story could be within, honestly. However, the consulting that I wish to do can be much of anything. I am very interested in many topics. I have deeply dived into each topic and have a connected understanding of the web of these venues. I see many sides of a project. I am an engineer, a hands on worker, an architect, a planner, an investor. I have many other roles that I wish to progress towards.

The companies that I want to see built-in the near future, would be that of marketing. Marketing my ideas and trying to draw the eye of the one who will take it to the next level. That will happen. I may be able to draw my cash reserves high enough to build another company in the mean time. But Marketing towards finding the folks to help in the cause, to fund a payroll and bring the marketing experience towards Crowd Funding in order to garnish more funds in both non-profit and for-profit ventures in projects such as Food Forrest (permaculture) and Homelessness Relief. Also to build a portfolio of residential houses so that capital may be risen for ongoing projects that need not be named currently. These range from engineering to humanitarian to spiritual and any where in between.

How many hats must I wear? But most of all: How many hats can I give away in the time I make them? I want to spread the wealth around and spread ownership around as the blob spreads. There in lies the consultation to build your business. I can make it grow, but you need to want it just as much.

2.8.2018, Thursday, 8:26pm


















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