November 22, 2017 (3) writing reasons 

As I write out this stuff and know that certain folks are reading this but also leaving open to public for unknowns to see, I think about the things to write and try not to offend yet I’m not leaving as much out and also I’m putting more in than was expected or not really, due to personality. 

Or some of the past that happens and molds your being to create who you are as a whole but fear others will not understand and will condemn you. These things have been written, some, yet there is still hold-back with the fear of condemnation. 

I write these things for multiple reasons but mostly to free my mind and clear my space. To trash the items that tend to collect in corners of the mind; clutter really. Useless information or bits of past which dirties the soul and prevents clarity and peace. 

The hidden bits which will still remain as memorable but will fade to fun versus the haunted memory that serves to destroy the inner peace due to fear of release — the releasing action may push others away at times yet if they do get pushed away, then that is no huge deal; it happens. 

It has happened. The first rodeo is over. The 2nd or third has occurred. I wait for another but am unable to distinguish whom. 

Sometimes the feeling of grammar school emerges. Cool kids ruled over the rest of us, but even in our own groups there were expectations exceeding the Cool’s. Step out if line and be admonished by outcast or silence. We all want the rules to be followed, no matter the rules that guide your group. 

A single rule may even break commandments of both groups and then where are you left but to look for another group or continue to remain alone. Many people are stuck on alone out of shame. Out of fear to belong to the group which they relate to. 

They hide the clues which prove their worth because of fear to be outcast when often the hidden clues would allow formation of a whole different group if more of them would admit their faults. Instead, a billion remain single instead of forming the largest group possible who could be true and in peace with each other. The band of outcasts likely is larger than all the secular and religious and political and racial bands of united people; separated people by their dogma. 

Dogma is my religion (says the religious in an offended tone) but do you realize the subtle meaning behind this word? Etymological or root or even the breakdown of individual sets of letters that explain the history of the word?

Do you know the meaning of these things that you fear, or just blindly out of faith believe that you should still remain ignorant to truth? Doesn’t the truth set you free? Maybe that is the nonsense that is the lie or you just don’t believe your own lines of advice and believe that truth will cause you to burn for eternity. 

Tangents are part of my world. The tangent of this runs into that. Then a realization of a bridge is created and a middle point is created yet there could be a vector from there to another point which creates a bridge from the middle of a bridge to the shores of another view of reason. 

Tangents fulfill the integrity of the support structure that allows the skin to be placed on the ribs that covers all: fundamental truth, lies, corruption, tangents, and all other inbetweens and beyonds. All these things create the body of our worlds and unite us all; while allowing a thousand thousands of versions of truth and lie. 



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