November 22, 2017 (2)

3:03 in the morning and I riled myself up when thinking of lost opportunities while ranting about finding opportunity but without saying how I actually seem to be in the midst of (a) best opportunity. 

The opportunity to realize what I have lacked in spirit and goals and to embrace the changes that arrise in unexpected moments. The chance to catch the riddler in action and see where he hides. To see a path to his house if that fails; it likely might. 

To find the riddle to begin, must look within. 

Within, I have been and on I practice to wait and watch in silence and not. The opportunity to have freedom to pursue and obsess over/through mountains of rhetoric and lessons. The mountain of hay with needles all throughout yet still difficult to discover. My scope has grown larger while my focus has narrowed and confined by range to a distance barely attainable by ordinary instruments, while the target locations are spread throughout the hillside. 


My eyelids are falling!!!!!

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