What to eat?

Going from a diet of 80% eggnog to a healthful one makes me wonder how to eat again. Got to get my house in order. My pan lives in the oven and the pot stays in the freezer to maintain the solidity of brownie batter from November. My knife is dirty, since I cut the butter for the brownies, it lies in the freezer as well. I did find a dusty spoon under a paintbrush today, I wiped it off and used it for my creatine & magnesium powders. The other spoon is in the pan in the oven where it coexists with a pan lid, fork, mason jar, and a glass brownie pan. 

Yes, there are brownie bits that got fireblasted onto the glass. Those brownies cooked for way too long. It was a sad day. This day dirtied all my remaining clean cooking tools. Being exhausted of the attempt at washing pans in the standup shower, I did not persist in cooking. I really need a kitchen sink awfully bad. 

And now I am attempting the New Year New Bowel program. My custom program where I just wing it for a couple months while trying not to totally starve, eating as natural as possible, and reintroducing a fasting regime into a random schedule. 

This also tends to freak out the majority of innocent bystanders. They become witnesses to strange behavior and dangerous feats. Like when my friend caught me drinking olive oil. He was worried for my well being. I explained how it’s kind of a miracle food like honey. But until personal investigation from more trusted sites than the froofroo sites that I was looking at, there was concern. Understandable as I research any nonsense someone touts at me — and I do realize it looks like I’ve lost my marbles. 

So now, the water is no longer holding back the hunger. That is the sign of actual hunger and not thirst. Thirst often causes the exact same signal as hunger creates. Drink water, wait 15. Repeat. If the feeling doesn’t fully subside by the 3rd round of 15 minutes, then the twenty or so ounces of water you drank was not the solution. Now eat. 

The water drinking always will satiate you because it cools the stomach temperature (or other chemical reaction that I am ignorant to). The solution is short lived, yet if you treat it as a test, there’s no harm in waiting 45 minutes. It builds character as they say and it increases the length you can easily go between meals. 

Ultimately, the eating becomes a casual situation, where you pick when to eat and how much. You don’t have to be bullied by hunger because you have allowed your body to hone its innate ability to survive in any environment. 

Off to find food. I really wish I could have the entree in the cover picture. Mmmmmm curry. 

I ended up with curry flavored humus and some delicious multigrain crackers that were beside the display. (And a red bell pepper that I didn’t eat). 11:50 I better hit the hay!


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